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  • humbled.learner
    Ben, A couple interesting books I recently purchased and am reading are: Mecklenburg Signers and Their Neighbors (Lost Tribes of North Carolina, Vol III).
    Message 1 of 2 , May 19, 2007
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      A couple interesting books I recently purchased and am reading are:

      Mecklenburg Signers and Their Neighbors (Lost Tribes of North
      Carolina, Vol III).

      Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

      There is not a lot of what you are seeking on the binding nature of
      the SLC upon the colonies (which they were bound in my opinion) or how
      the Declaration of Independence was the key document to break (or
      unilaterally cancel) the SLC (which it did not in my opinion), but it
      will give you some interesting history from a Presbyterian-Covenanter
      perspective of the period leading up to the Declaration of
      Independence. It will give you some of the key actors who knew the
      consequences of the binding nature of covenants upon posterity,
      especially those covenants where God Himself is invoked (or the
      author) in History.

      There are some other titles I'm trying to locate that were in the
      footnotes, but I would rather not share them as most of the books
      going into circulation around this period are bought immediately after
      release and I'm not sure if it is by libraries, collectors or others.

      Interlibrary loan is always the best source unless you like to collect
      the original books as I do.


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      > Hi all,
      > Because I don't study modern history much, I'm sort of clueless as to
      > what's out there and what's good. So I need some help locating a
      > good book.
      > Specifically, I am looking for a good book on the coloniztion of
      > America and the lead-up to the Revolutionary War. 'Good' in this
      > context would look something like this: a detailed account of the
      > political situation in England ca. mid-1600 that specifically targets
      > the relation of the crown to the new world; a thorough account of the
      > many migrants, both where they came from in Europe and where they
      > settled; an account of the legislation imposed on the colonies; any
      > interaction the different European kingdoms had with one another as
      > it relates to the colonies; a chronicle of the debate that went on in
      > America between the Patriots and the revolutionaries. Additionally,
      > the book I'm looking for would ideally have lots of direct quotions
      > of original source materials like the bills Parliment passed relating
      > to the Americas, letters, or treatises, etc. If anyone knows of a
      > book that is close to fitting that bill, I'd appreciate it if you'd
      > pass along the title.
      > It might help to know what question I want this book to answer. In
      > short, I want to understand exactly what the political arrangement of
      > the Colonies was in relation to Britain: I want to know its extent,
      > scope, nature, validity, what 'grounded' it, etc, with the final goal
      > being just how the SL&C bound the Colonies.
      > Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
      > Ben
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