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RE: [Covenanted Reformation] More writings from Stan B.

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  • Katrina Schumacher
    Dear Willina; Thanks for commenting, I rejoice in how the Lord enables you to be such a sweet humble sister. May you always be blessed so. I do not think John
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2007
      Dear Willina;
      Thanks for commenting, I rejoice in how the Lord enables you
      to be such a sweet humble sister. May you always be blessed
      I do not think John expected anyone to know of his circumstances,
      and I know I certainly did not expect any of the members to come to
      my aid, when I was aware that some of the Elders did not know
      all the details  of charges against a member... I was trying to
      convey that in my last post, but realize that I was not clear
      enough on that point.
      It is a great weakness of not having the safety of godly numbers
      to decide matters.What comes to mind is the example of the composing
      of the Westminster Confession
      of Faith; what was the number of ministers involved, was it 70 some?
      .....this important Church document was not decided by to
      two or three men. And as in the documents Stan B. posted, all godly
      members are to know the details before an excommunication happens,
      and if I understand correctly all the membership plus the Elders are
      to be in agreement about the need for excommunication.
      I really felt heart sick yesterday after posting, I do not enjoy writing
      to expose the weaknesses or error of brethren, of men who ought
      to have honor and respect shown for their office.
       Again, it is Spring time here at the Ranch, a little sorrel foal a long
      legged colt was born this morning, that's 4 foals so far and many more
       to come probably 8 more and we will be having some more calves too...
      there are 8 live calves, I've never in all my years of having to do with
      cattle seen such loses....we are at 6 deaths, (miserable weather, coyotes,
      hard births, and a mother laying on new calf's head)  I'll  share
      this story, on April 18th the day that Tammy Jean flew in from Albany;
       a black bull calf was born in the frozen sleet, he almost died at birth,
       I was making supper,watching out the kitchen window on our second storey;
       and saw his mother progressing well with his
      birth, I then saw that he was born with the membranes still over his
      head, I ran for all I was worth, got there to pull them off and he was
      choking on the fluids trapped around his head, I got him breathing
      pulled him to spot clear of snow and went back to finish supper,
      for I had get supper on the table and quickly do chores in only 1 1/2 hour 
      before I needed to leave to drive the 2 1/2 hours to the Calgary Airport to retrieve
      Tammy Jean....just before leaving I noted that the bull calf was
      not yet standing up, so I packed/dragged him to the big hay feeder
      tubed him with warmed up Colostrum....told John that I hoped the calf
      stayed in the hay feeder for if he fell down in the big water
      puddle not far from the feeder, in his weakened state that he
      would drown.....The roads were so bad with slushy snow, and
      visibility was almost nil, I prayed that the Lord would send a
      truck that had better lights than John's GrandAm that I could
      safely follow, for there were  so many vehicles in the ditch
      along the highway as I drove......and the Lord did not just send a good
      driver in a truck but two, so I could follow and go around safely
      all the traffic that was driving so slowly.By the time Tammy and
      I returned from the Airport the visibility was better and we could
      start sharing what the Lord had been doing in our lives...I'm
      so blessed to have children that I can converse with on such a
      deep level.   On with the point of this story, as we arrived at the
      Ranch I could see in the headlights that the Cow was laying close
      to the hay feeder, it was already after 2:30am so I decided to
      not go out until I had slept a few hours; to my disappointment at
      5:30am when I went to the feeder and got the cow up, here her
      bull calf and managed to move enough to get his nose out
      over the edge of the feeder, and his fat mother's tummy had
      covered his nose..the body was still slightly warm....but he
      was dead.....three days later a little red heifer was born, I watched
      as the mother who had laid on her calf went over smelled the new
       calf, that was then about 4 hours old, it was like she seemed to
      be thinking that she would take this one for her own, since her black boy
      was dead.... I phoned John and told him that I needed someone with
      Solomon's wisdom to discern what to do with two cows claiming the same calf as theirs.
      We did not do has Solomon did, offer to cut the calf in half, instead
      we have watched with amusement two black cows catering to a little
      red calf whims, they follow the calf  always hovering over her, and
      she sucks milk from both cows, so I guess the three of them have come
      to a happy resolvement. <GRIN>
      I hope you enjoyed that story; So, now that the weather is warmer I'll be busy
      each day training young horses for market....got to have it together financially
      by the end of July to purchase next winter's hay for the Critters.
       I will be changing my settings for mail from Gerry's group, to none; so if anyone
       has a comment or question to me, please write it now, for I'll probably not know of
      it after May 6th.
      Blessings, and a big thank you to those of you
      who have been praying,
      GALATIANS 6:9
      NUMBERS 14:21

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      Dear Katrina,

      >>> John Schumacher's case of telling one Elder
      Lyndon Dohms on the
      Phone that he thought the RPNA no longer had a Church Structure in 2005)
      John was excommunicated without any personal contact from the other two
      Elders Rev. Greg Price and Greg Barrow... I do not think any of the
      Societies knew that John was facing excommunication for declaring that
      he could no longer recognize the RPNA as a Church. I do not think any
      of the members contacted John to try to persuade him to recognize the
      former RPNA as a Church, to change his discison to attend a local CRC
      church.....John had to drive almost 2 hours to attend the PRCE at
      Edmonton, which he faithfully did for eight years. <<<

      Considering this happened nearly two years ago before many of us had our
      eyes opened... and that we were never told the real reason why John
      left, but only that he had resigned his membership and refused to hear
      the elders' counsel on it... why would we try to persuade him otherwise?

      You are right. Even we in the Edmonton society did not know this. I
      stand guilty of blindness to the elders' faults because of my implicit
      faith in them. I am sorry now that I did not see the real state of
      things a lot sooner, and that some, like you and John, had to stand very
      much alone in your battle, with all of us thinking you were obstinately
      in the wrong.


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