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Re: Secret Societies----NOT!

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  • desire_pure_heart
    Good morning list; You know it is amazing, what typing down someone s name will do... hello, this is Katrina Schumacher, formerly known as ~Cathie-Iris:Soles~.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 12, 2007
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      Good morning list;

      You know it is amazing, what typing down someone's name will do...
      hello, this is Katrina Schumacher, formerly known as

      I've not read any posts since early January, and had set my groups to
      no mail, for I've been very busy here at the Ranch.

      But in the wee hours of the morning, I felt drawn to come read over
      the postings here Jer, and see that my brother Bob has written my
      name down along with Shelly Barrow's name....Reg Barrow of Still
      Waters Revival Books wife; Shelly is also Elder Greg Barrow's sister-
      in-law. This poor sister in Christ has been so mishandled...I guess
      that is another story about men wanting to build the Kingdom of God,
      but not taking care of the dear ones that the Lord has entrusted to a
      man. I continually pray that the Lord will send comfort to Shelly and
      her children.

      I want to address the list about the attack by Walt of the brethren
      who were excommunicated, and for the brethren who are facing being
      excommunicated over putting questions forward to the three Elders of
      the former RPNA....not all the members agree with the treatment of
      the x-ed...and this will probably lead to more rending.

      These excommuned breathren, most of them I know personally through
      either they being part of my family, or the dear Saints that have
      traveled to Canada to visit with my family while I lived at Prince
      George, or were involved with the wedding celebrations of my
      daughters, and/or were the Dear Saints who gave fellowship and
      financial support to my first husband Grant Soles as he was dying
      from the Asbestos related cancer... I weep as I write this, to have
      this hurt applied to these dear brethern, brethern of good, noble
      Christian character and maturity....to read here posts from someone
      who ought to know better, Walt, you ought to know better pouring gall
      into their wounds calling them liars...and worse. Shame, shame,
      shame, the fruit of all this is Rotten....the treatment of these
      godly men and women atrocious.

      My understanding is there was and is no Secret Society, but instead
      believers who wanted to put their concern and questions forward in a
      decent and proper manner to the Elders, to not stir up discontent, to
      not cause gossip, but to go privately at first to the Elders and have
      their concerns addressed. There was no ill will involved that I can
      tell, there was hope on their part that the Lord would lead to their
      concerns being taken care of...and even though I'm a parent I was not
      told about any of their concerns, not until some time had passed
      after their excommunications, for out of maturity and Christian love,
      they wanted to treat their Elders properly...it was only after weeks
      had passed, and they saw no mercy being extended by their former
      Elders, did they tell me of the history of their concerns, and that
      they had been x-ed.

      BUT, the treatment of them, the treatment of their concerns has not
      been orderly, or proper, and definitely not GOD HONORING....a rending
      of the flock instead, a continually beating, a refusal to address or
      care for them, a casting off, no balm for their wounds, no cloak to
      bring to them warmth.....and a brother (Walt) promising to bring
      charges of lying. More Insult added to Injury.

      What we are witnessing is HISTORY repeating itself.... the Pharisees
      excommunicating the former Blind man whom Jesus healed on the
      Sabbath, just as Paul held the cloaks as he was splattered by Blood
      from the deacon Stephen's stone bashed body.... men so consumed by
      their importance, so consumed by their dreams, so consumed by the
      power they think they have for the Kingdom....have done this wrong,
      and they just as the Pharisees did not repent,the Pharisees'
      attitudes/spirit were the same, the Pharisees in their hardened heart
      state; went ahead and had the Son of God murdered.... Unless, some
      mighty event happens to these three Elders, and the scale of blindness
      (as in Paul's case) is removed, they are bent on continuing in this

      Is the Lord honored in this? NOT AT ALL? No, I'll correct that, none
      of this has caught the Lord unaware, He has a purpose, it all fell
      out by His Providence.... if these brethren who have been so cruelly
      treated, manage to **not** become buried under BITTERNESS, manage to
      continue in life to raise their families for the Lord, develop the
      skills and gifts that the Lord has graced them with....follow the
      example of Joseph in Exile among the Egyptians...then the Lord will
      be and is HONORED, but He is not honored by the three Elders or the
      members who support their ungodly actions.

      The Lord is God and we shall PRAISE Him.

      Katrina Schumacher
      as Bob wrote x-ed unjustly by the former RPNA
      Presently communicate member of CRCNA
      Rimbey, Alberta

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "bob_suden"
      <bsuden@...> wrote:
      > Dear Walter,
      > Your previous promises to refrain from public bashing and scurrilous
      > screeds notwithstanding, as should be obvious, in your most recent,
      > unfortunately make no mention of secret session meetings, (nor for
      > matter, of secret general meetings) of which no one is notified
      of in
      > the RPNA(GM). Even further, these same secret session meetings not
      > preceded, but they have continued after the demise of the temporary
      > group which was provoked to get together and question the document
      > justifies this kind of pseudo presbyterian behavior, much more the
      > pseudo presbyterian court itself. And why is there no mention?
      > it would become all too apparent and obvious just who provoked who
      > wrath and justifiable resistance. In other words, again as
      > in the PPSA, we see the favorite modus operandi in the RPNA(GM) in
      > action. Divert attention from the material question - the
      lawfulness of
      > the court and name of the RPNA(GM) - by bringing up everything and
      > kitchen sink in reply. Being an elder or member of the " court"
      > never having to answer to anybody or say you are sorry.
      > But to whom much is given much is required. There is also no
      mention in
      > all of the apologies for the RPNA(GM) including your recent five,
      > ever since June `03 there has been any number of instances where the
      > elders have not done their job and have abused the patience and
      > longsuffering of those in the former RPNA.
      > 1. The letter of 6/14/03
      > <http://reformedveritas.blogspot.com/2006/11/dissolution-of-
      > sbytery-of.html> from the elders explicitly appeals to the power
      > order or G. Price's office as a pastor, to be sufficient enough to
      > administer the sacraments, contra the suppression – if not outright
      > contradiction – of that same letter and the proper exposition of
      > the power of order in the PPSA
      > <http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfpdhc2h_11gnvc5f> 6/4/06
      > 2. There was no explanation of the name change to the "Session of
      > the RPNA(GM)" 10/31/04
      > <http://reformedveritas.blogspot.com/2006/12/oct-31-04-first-
      > t-by-session.html> though the PG Society asked the elders about
      > "the Session" 9/24/04, while the Washington Society asked the
      > elders about the GM 10/28/04 & 1/16/05
      > <http://reformedveritas.blogspot.com/2006/10/0405-washington-
      > respondence.html> without receiving respectively any where near a
      > timely or substantial answer.
      > 3. The excommunications of Kathy Soles 4/13/05 and Shelly Barrow
      > 10/23/05 leave something very much to be desired as far as due
      > goes.
      > 4. The restructuring of the church was promised 1/1/06
      > <http://reformedveritas.blogspot.com/2006/12/jan-1-06-announcements-
      > lders-health.html> and 3/29/06
      > <http://reformedveritas.blogspot.com/2006/12/mar-29-06-update-on-
      > html> , much more a forum in the last.
      > 5. The Jan./Feb. `06 phony affidavit and June/July `06 phony
      > analogy <http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfpdhc2h_15cb4gzp> email
      > scandals as orchestrated by the proxy elders did not endear the
      > neutrality of the "court" to anyone who might have questions on
      > the PPSA 6/4/06 which only defended the status quo rather than set
      > a plan for restructuring. Rather intimidation seem to be the aim of
      > these two public and elder approved scandals. Who let the dogs out?
      > not a question that should have to be directed at the elders in a
      > genuine RP church.
      > 6.The subsequent administering of a confidential loyalty oath
      > <http://reformedveritas.blogspot.com/2006/11/new-essential-oath-of-
      > rship-in.html> to defendants - not witnesses - previous to trial
      > without any specifications of charges beginning on 10/4/06, much
      > claiming that the same oath was implicit in the terms of membership,
      > when all parties still adhere to the same terms of communion again
      > not confirm the objectivity of the asserted "court".
      > Thank you very much,
      > cordially
      > Bob S
      > --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "humbled.learner"
      > <humbled.learner@> wrote:
      > >
      > > RESOURCE 6. GEORGE, R.J.
      > > Secret Societies
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      > > (Rare Bound Photocopy) $9.95-70%= (US funds) $2.99
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