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Edgar Formal Complaint - Forthcoming

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  • humbled.learner
    Dear Edgar, I wish to inform you that I stand by my testimony against you, but am very concerned about the method that you and others inside The Effort (I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2007
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      Dear Edgar,

      I wish to inform you that I stand by my testimony against you, but am
      very concerned about the method that you and others inside "The
      Effort" (I guess that is what you are calling yourselves) now desire
      in having these cases brought before the court of public opinion.
      Although my complaint against you is public in nature, I am firmly
      opposed to your method of trying this before an audience on

      I understand that you believe that only a court within specific local
      boundaries determined by a maximum distance, and that Elders who
      perform acceptable mutual duties over you, would have acquired or
      obtained jurisdiction to hear any formal complaint against you. Any
      court that does not conform to the definitions as you wrote in your
      letter to the Elders after you were excommunicated has not authority
      over you. I've read your letter again and find it a most ridiculous
      definition of jurisdiction and firmly testify against you as an

      Unfortunately, I have no way to formerally bring charges against you,
      as I refuse to see these cases tried before a court of public opinion,
      and I refuse to have Bob Suden begin posting my arguments on his web
      site and then cut them apart sentence by sentence, or paragraph by
      paragraph with a bunch of spin and jokes. I firmly testify that The
      Effort that you "covenanters" are involved in (and have been involved
      in since before July 10, 2006) is of no interest to me.

      When Shawn wrote to you on July 10, 2006, "Those in Albany have
      maintained certain rules of oder: 1. In their meetings there is a
      facilitator and a records keeper. 2. There has to be explicit consent
      prior to introducing any to the effort. 3. Any new households that
      are introduced to the effort, are done by 2 delegates. (There were
      circumstances in which one was sufficient.)"

      This tells me at least those of you in Albany were engaged in The
      Effort before July 10, 2006 according to this seceret communication.
      Unfortuately, I don't know how you organized secretly The Effort since
      I was not included, and obviously a lot of families in our church were
      not included. Bob says I was not included because I asked to be
      excluded from the public broadcast lists, but I don't remember ever
      asking to be taken off the PRCE list during this period. Further, I
      understand I was not invited because I showed too much support for the
      Elders, but I welcomed public dialogue over PPSA and never could get
      any feedback. I now understand why nobody participated.

      The Elders wrote on June 4, 2006:

      "June 4, 2006

      Dear Brothers and Sisters,

      Attached is a paper titled "Position Paper and Response To Questions
      Circulated About Sessional Authority Within The RPNA (General
      Meeting)" The first paragraph of the paper is quoted below:

      "In the Response that is before you, the Session has decided to focus
      its attention upon questions that have been circulated both publicly
      and privately as it relates in various ways to the authority possessed
      by the Session of the RPNA (General Meeting). We thank you for your
      patience in awaiting a Response to the questions that have been
      raised. We propose first that you carefully consider what is found in
      our Response. Second, we recommend that you privately send questions
      of clarification to us which we will publicly post, and to which
      questions we will publicly respond (as quickly as we are able to do).
      Third, after your questions of clarification have been submitted and
      answered, we will consider (if we deem it necessary and profitable at
      that time) how we might formulate a plan to facilitate a forum that
      will lead to a profitable discussion for everyone who desires to do so."

      The Session of the RPNA (General Meeting)

      Pastor Greg Price
      Ruling Elder Lyndon Dohms
      Ruling Elder Greg Barrow"

      It will be interesting to find out when you guys formed your secret
      society to avoid the process the Elders organized to work through a
      profitable discussion.

      The PPSA was immediately after Rick Taron was excommunicated, and I
      wonder if those of you involved in The Effort were in communication
      with him leading up to his excommunication. Maybe he was your
      sacrificial lamb of sort to start this whole trend of
      excommunications, but it sure would be nice to know how much creation
      of this secret society was ongoing between June 4, 2006 and July 10,
      2006 when you had formalized your membership families into The Effort.

      I published on June 18, 2006 on the PRCE site:

      "For those interested, the book below is available on CD #13 of the PB
      CD set.


      */The Reasons Presented by the Dissenting Brethren Against Certain
      Propositions Concerning Presbyterial Government. And the Proofs of
      them Voted by the Assembly of Divines, sitting by authority of
      Parliament, at Westminster. Together With the Answer of the Assembly
      of Divines to those Reasons of Dissent/ (1648)*

      It is interesting to note, as Hetherington points out in his /History
      of the Westminster Assembly of Divines/ (p. 220), that,

      (i)n their answer, the Assembly Divines seem almost to have been
      ashamed to analyze and expose the weak sophistry of the Dissenting
      Brethren's argument... but by availing themselves of the concessions
      made by the Independents in the course of their own illustrations,
      they completely overthrow the whole Congregational theory. Regarding
      the book itself Hetherington writes,

      These reasons of Dissent, and the Answers by the Assembly, occupied
      the attention of that venerable body during the conclusion of the year
      1644, and the early part of the year 1645; and when fully completed,
      both the reasons and the answers were submitted to the consideration
      of the Parliament for a considerable time, and when the discussions of
      the Assembly had terminated, an order was issued by the House of
      Lords, on the 24th of January 1648 (or 1647, according to their
      style), that these reasons and answers should be printed from the
      papers in the hands of Adoniram Byfield, one of the Assembly's
      scribes, after having been inspected by Messrs Goodwin and Whittaker,
      to secure their genuineness and authenticity; and they were published
      in the same year... In the year 1652, the same publication received a
      new title-page, and was called */The Grand Debate concerning
      Presbytery and Independency, by the Assembly of Divines convened at
      Westminster by authority of Parliament/* (/History of the Westminster
      Assembly of Divines/, pp. 221-222).

      *In short, this is a definitive answer to the best the Independents
      had to offer!* This photocopy is taken from what had previously been
      Samuel Miller's personal copy of this title. 314 pages."

      I just went and looked at the PRCE site and noticed nobody responded
      to me on that book. It is obvious why Bob and others speak so
      publically against that book as a non-binding authority. Well, as I
      understand it, the document was formerally approved and published as
      part of the official record of the Westminster Assembly.

      Nevertheless, I understand that the RPNA (GM) will be putting out the
      paper giving much more information to me and others so that we can
      make a fair assessment of your "Effort" and why many of us were really
      excluded from this secret society within our church.

      Once I have this information, I will figure out a formal way to bring
      my own charges against you Edgar, but until then, I am waiting for the
      information to complete my assessment. That information will not be
      published on Bob's site, along with a lot of the complete information.
      He may be shouting from the roof tops, but I suspect secretly there
      is a lot more devilish reasons behind what is not being told. My hope
      is that this paper will be published soon.

      However brother, let me assure you, once I have the complete
      information you will be the first to know. I want you to know that I
      acknowledge your comments against me to prove my statements in calling
      you a liar, and I assure you I will figure out a way to do this
      without bringing it before your and others preferred venue, the court
      of public opinion. I'll be leaving the early next week and will not
      return until March 30, and access to internet will not be as easy as
      it is now, so if you and others start sending messages to the court of
      public opinion, and I cannot respond timely know it is not because I
      not able, and it is not my preferred method to pursue this case.

      May the Lord be with you,

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