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Re: Reformed Presbyterian/ Covenanter

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  • humbled.learner
    Tom, praise the Lord for your comments...
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 7, 2007
      Tom, praise the Lord for your comments...

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Tom" <bndr1643@...>
      > Hi David,
      > Welcome. How did you happen to come across the journal of Col.
      > Blackadder? Be there's an interesting story there!
      > The state of the covenanter movement is about the same as the state of
      > the Presbyterian church in general where you have lots of people
      > calling themselves Presbyterians, from the Ultra liberal northern wing
      > of the Presbyterian Church in the USA, to the ultra conservative
      > (insert favorite presbyterian acronymn here. Careful, there are dozens
      > to chose from!).
      > Presbyterians, including all flavors of Covenanters have over the past
      > 350 years gradually lost the things that made them so heroic & noble
      > during the English Civil War, & the Killing Times. Compromises on
      > issues in a generation led to forgetfulness in the following.
      > Thankfully, right before WWII the Lord was gracious to stir things up &
      > bring the ideas of the Reformation back to remembrance. In England, for
      > example, Martin Lloyd-Jones was instrumental. He helped form Banner of
      > Truth publishing, for example.
      > Like a stone thrown in a pond ripples further as time goes by, the
      > rediscovering of Reformed, Presbyterian & Covenanting principles taught
      > in the Bible are making their way through the church & are having an
      > impact, not only in the reformed churches, but in the church in
      > general. There's even a Covenanter movement in New Zealand now (cf:
      > covenantedreformation.com).
      > There ARE a lot of RP/Covenanter websites & not everyone agrees on
      > everything. Big ideas take a long time to think through & apply
      > properly. What the Lord has revealed in his word about Jesus Christ as
      > the only head of the church, and as the Governor of the nations ->here
      > & NOW<- has met & will meet with an incredible amount of strong
      > opposition. Not only from the world & the god of this world, but even
      > from the sinful nature in God's people. But its the Lord's work, and
      > when its time, nobody is going to hold him back from doing what he's
      > decided to do in the world.
      > Hope that helps a little.
      > Tom
      > --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "sonofmorgan"
      > <sonofmorgan@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello,
      > > My name is David. I live in California. I come here to learn on the
      > > Covenanter and what made them the people they were. I have a pdf book
      > > that was from the journal of Lt. Col. John Blackadder. the Son of
      > Rev.
      > > Blackadder that died on bass rock for being a leader/preacher of the
      > > Covenanter movement.
      > > My question is about what is the state of the Reformed Presbyterian/
      > > Covenanter movement right now? It seems that there is alot of
      > diffrent
      > > groups right now. also alot of diffrent websites.
      > > David
      > >
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