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Re: History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church; repent, trust, love.

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  • jonathan_lol2007
    ... All those who have sinned deserve to suffer in Hell forever. Therefore... 1. Repent (be truly sorry for your sins and do your best to stop sinning). 2.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 15, 2007

      All those who have sinned deserve to suffer in Hell forever.


      1. Repent (be truly sorry for your sins and do your best to stop

      2. Trust completely in the Lord, and do not trust in your own self.

      3. Love the Lord your God with all of your heart.

      The Lord sent His only Son (the Lord Jesus Christ), to suffer and die
      on the cross, to pay for

      the sins of those who trust in Him. Human works and Human efforts
      cannot save.

      By the way, Spontaneous Generation is impossible. Therefore, God
      created the heaven and the


      Repent, Trust, and Love. God's will be done.

      You may distribute or share this article for the glory of the Lord.


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "nleshelman"
      <nleshelman@...> wrote:
      > As many of you know, I have been attempting to acquire a copy of
      > Melancthon Glasgow's History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church
      > that was published in 1888.
      > I contacted Crown and Covenant about republishing it and they are
      > interested in doing so. They referred me to the wonderful PDF
      > version that Nathaniel Pockras labored over (thank you Nathan).
      > Since then I have been in contact with Reformation Heritage Books
      > which is closely tied with my seminary. They are interested in
      > publishing the book for a number of reasons:
      > 1. The RPCNA International Conference would bring many people into
      > the
      > bookstore here in Grand Rapids.
      > 2. The bicentennial of the re instituting of the denomination is
      > coming up.
      > 3. The bicentennial of Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
      > coming
      > up.
      > 4. As a favor to me :)
      > The condition to it being republished is that I must have 50 people
      > that are willing to purchase a copy of the book. This is to assure
      > RHB that their time and money will be invested well.
      > I plan on sending out information to the RP churches explaining
      > and hoping to get a feel for how many people would purchase a copy.
      > I would also like to contact the seminary, Geneva college, and some
      > other institutions that may be interested.
      > The book would be $35 for a nice paperback copy and $45 for a
      > hardcover with a dust jacket.
      > If you are interested in purchasing a copy I am attempting to
      > compile a list for RHB. Please email me off-list (since I am not
      > trying to use this as a means of advancing my own interests). I
      > would need your name, address, and email address so that I can
      > to get this to the press.
      > This will make a great gift for your RP minister, seminary student,
      > church historian, or just to add to your collection of great books!
      > I pray that the Lord uses this book for the furtherance of His
      > Reformed cause.
      > Nathan Eshelman, M.Div (candidate)
      > ARP of Grand Rapids, MI
      > Please email at nleshelman@ if you are interested.
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