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Re: Why do people deny this??

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  • Daniel Ross
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 13, 2006
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Ic
      Neltococayotl" <puritanpresbyterian@...> wrote:
      > So there is a conference going on in Iran that denies the Holocaust
      > rence> and it appears that many around the world also deny the
      > of the holocaust.
      > I hear some conspiracy theorists also deny it.
      > So what is up wih that?
      > Nut cases? or something else?
      > -Edgar
      I wasn't going to post anything about this since there seemed to
      be alot of posts, I figured someone would have covered it. I don't
      see much information on the why of this so I will post what I have
      discovered about this.
      "Historical Revisionists" started out in the 70's questioning the
      number of people exterminated in The German Concentration Camps
      during WWII. They cited the time it would take to evacuate The
      Zyklon B gas out of the chambers and how long it would take to
      creamate the bodies and concluded that 6 million people could not
      have been exterminated during the time it was said to have benn
      going on.
      This was picked up by people with another agenda. Neo-Nazis,
      Anti-Semites, Conspirists who believe "The Jews" control The Media,
      The Banks, Modern Culture, etc. are the people in The West who have
      really carried the torch for this idea ever since.
      Many Muslim's are taught from their earliest ages that The Jews
      are cursed by Allah and that they are "The True Enemy" of all
      righteous Muslims. They are considered to be the ones refered to in
      The Quran's opening chapter as "Those who have incured Thy Wrath"
      and many "old school" Muslims believe that Israel was established
      by "Iblis" (The Great Satan) specifically to destroy Islam.
      Obviously, if you can convince peopele that "The Shoa"
      (Holocaust) was an elaborate hoax the jews and ruling powers put
      over on the rest of the world, to justify The State of Israel, you
      can argue they have no right to be there. You could also stir up
      trouble against The Jews in other countries and say you were
      just "paying them back" for so badly maligning the German people.
      When confronted with the films made by the Allied Forces of The
      Camps, they claim they were "faked" or that The Russians
      (Communists) actually ran those camps and the people you see in them
      were "Christians" exterminated by The Commisars (who always end up
      being Jewish, so no matter what...it's all the jews fault).
      Sorry for being so long winded, but this might give you some ideas
      of what "the bigger picture" is in this.
      PS: If you think I am just being an apologist for The State of
      Israel, I assure you, the information I've obtained on this subject
      has been from the "Historical Revisionists" themselves.
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