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RE: [Covenanted Reformation] ~repost~ Lawful Deception

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  • Maggie
    “Margaret” Please call me “Maggie,” Gus, I have not used my “given” name in over a decade. , “Im sorry, but we seen to be talking past each
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      Please call me “Maggie,” Gus, I have not used my “given” name in over a decade.


      Im sorry, but we seen to be talking past each other. Ignore everything I said, since its obvious I have misconstrued you---a regretable failing due to the nature of the forum and the "lag time" between post and response.


      I would love to ignore everything you said – what I will do is ignore all personal affronts but ask you to respond to what I believe have been cogent arguments.


      What I particularly enjoy about discussions in email forums is that “lag time” doesn’t particularly affect the discussion.


      As with all written communiqué the benefit of time allows us to step back and formulate thoughts coolly and with clear heads, gather facts and present them, hopefully, well.


      It is nice practice among believers and followers – that way we are prepared to:


      “…always [be] ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence…” 1 Peter 3:15 NASB


      Soli Deo Gloria!



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      <repost - sent this yesterday at 10:59 am and the Yahoo! glitch black hole must have stopped it>

      "Because this is a list where questions are asked and responses elicited." 

      Because… what?  I'm apologize, Gus, but I'm not certain to what this references.

      "If you find this discussion too uncomfortable…"

      I have no level of discomfort with this discussion, quite the contrary.

      "…and are incapable of being rational and unemotional I suggest you cease and desist." 

      I do have a level of great passion for the things of God, and especially detest liars.

      [I would submit here that a "liar" is different than someone who may tell a lie.]

      Yet I have found, in Scripture (examples having been cited thoroughly in this thread) times when telling something other than the truth to those with no integrity towards God – "evildoers" – that these actions have been commended.

      It is this truth of Scripture that I joined to participate in ferreting out – hence the example (which I believe someone else offered as well) of the Sixth Commandment and the Westminster Catechism's exposition of it.

      "Find a discussion more to your own liking…"

      This is not about my liking (or cherry-picking discussions for that matter – if it's in Scripture it's worth discussing), but rather about His Holy Word and our grateful obedience to it as we seek to understand it more fully daily as He sanctifies us more fully – as well as our understanding that we not reach for the bar of self-righteousness and overstate our understanding of "don't lie."

      For it is not our righteousness that does a thing for us, but Christ's only.

      "…but dont imply criticism and judgement of my person, simply because you dont like the subject matter."

      If you have perceived criticism of your person, please instruct me as to where this has happened that if I have done so (albeit unwittingly) I may offer my apologies.


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