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Re: Covenanting today?

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  • raging_calvinist
    Your line above is an ingenious attempt to force the burden of proof onto me. Of course it is. It is up to you to show the discontinuity from the OT
    Message 1 of 734 , May 22, 2001
      "Your line above is an ingenious attempt to force
      the burden of proof onto me."<br><br>Of course it is.
      It is up to you to show the discontinuity from the
      OT to the NT. So let's look at your
      attempt.<br><br>"1) Israel were one nation, chosen out of all the
      other nations of the earth. *No* nation today has been
      granted this status."<br><br>This does not matter, as
      even the Old Testament predicted that "the Nations"
      (i.e. Gentiles) would be brought into covenant with
      God, as Ninevah was.<br><br>"2) Israel was a
      theocracy, ruled directly by God via His spokespeople. *No*
      nation today is in such a position."<br><br>Again, this
      is nothing towards your point. Your same argument
      could be used to demonstrate why we as the Church do
      not need to obey the Scriptures. So the office of
      prophet has ceased, now what is our rule?<br><br>"3)
      Israel was a merged church-state; they were
      *identified*; to be born into the nation, was to be born into
      the church; to be expelled from the church was to be
      expelled from the nation (i.e. exterminated via capital
      punishment); no such nation is in this position
      today."<br><br>Again, nothing to the point. Governments are given the
      sword as a minister of God. What rule are they to
      follow if not the Bible? <br><br>"4) Israel was the
      recipient of many special and glorious promises from God,
      none of which apply to today's nations, however
      "Christian"."<br><br>Of which promises do you speak?<br><br>"5) Israel
      was required to be kept in particular religious
      purity, because through it Messiah would come. There is
      no such need in any nation today."<br><br>Israel was
      required to be religiously pure only because Messiah was
      to come from them? This is an odd thing that I don't
      believe I've ever heard asserted by anyone before. What
      about Ninevah, why did God require repentance from
      them?<br><br>"6) There was no provision made for unbelievers *of
      any type* within the boundaries of Israel; surely not
      even the most radical Reconstructionist would suggest
      this is to be a model for today."<br><br>What do you
      mean that no provision was made? The Scriptures are
      clear that not everyone in Israel was a believer, yet
      they were still in external covenant with
      God.<br><br>While I agree that Israel was peculiar among the
      nations of the world, I deny that any of the differences
      mentioned here demonstrate that national covenanting has
      ceased. While you seek to shift a burden of proof, it
      still lies on you to show discontinuity between the OT
      and NT. The kings of the earth are commanded to kiss
      the Son. The Son has come, and the nations must bow
      to Him or perish.<br><br>I hope to respond more a
      bit later, I have to go now.<br><br>gmw.
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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