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Re: Protesters say no to the Facist song

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  • presby.dobee
    Edgar, I find it difficult to resolve your position with that of Calvin on his populating and ruling of Geneva, which is fine. I do not think that Calvin would
    Message 1 of 35 , Apr 1, 2006

      I find it difficult to resolve your position with that of Calvin on
      his populating and ruling of Geneva, which is fine. I do not think
      that Calvin would allow Roman Catholics to re-populate Geneva, just
      because they were there before him. Nobody says you have to be
      exactly like Calvin, though. I still maintain, that it would be in
      the Mexican people's best interest to enter the US, provided they
      were civil law-abiding, even as many little old Mexican ladies are.
      I DO NOT like ripping them off in their wages, just because they
      have a somewhat better opportunity in the States, as compared to the
      opportunities in Mexico. If I were an employer, I would still pay a
      fair and competitive wage. This is the Will of God in "loving our
      neighbor, as our selves." I also believe men who have large truly
      Christian families should be paid more per hour! This according to
      the "Law of Love." They simply require more to support their

      Edgar wrote:

      > The US government, just as the Mexican government has persecuted
      > indigenous people for political reasons, NOT religious ones.

      Presby.dobee gratefully responds:

      I do not believe history will bear this out. Read the following
      short piece on the US and the Mexican Revolution (warning; there are
      some Papist references, that I retain to maintain historical

      "The U. S. and the Mexican Revolution"

      The spread of the Revolution as part of (the unwritten) U.S.
      policy also increased back here on the continent. Just as the U.S.
      supported previous revolutionary uprisings in Mexico, it would do so
      again. During the time period of 1912-1913, a new Masonic-Marxist
      revolution started to take shape in our southern neighbor. The
      Wilson Administration encouraged and armed the revolutionists.
      Mexico's rightful leader at the time was Victoriano Huerta. (He has
      been unjustly accused of murdering the previous president, Francisco
      Madera. The fact is, he was not able to control the more radical of
      his fellow party members.) Huerta had successfully crushed some of
      the rebel groups encouraged by Wilson. Wilson sent a delegation to
      meet with Huerta, who was told by a commission of both Mexican and
      U.S. Masons that the U.S. would recognize his government if he
      joined them. He refused. Pulling out his brown scapular, Huerta
      proclaimed: "No, I am a Catholic, if a poor one, and that is my
      platform." He declared that God's laws would be the law of the land.
      This only made the Masons and Marxists revolutionaries angrier.

      In April of 1914, President Wilson, through his Secretary of
      the Navy, Josephus Daniels, sent the U.S. Navy to take Vera Cruz and
      later Tampico. These were Huerta's only channels for supplies. He
      thus lost the necessary supplies to fight off the revolutionaries.
      Huerto was forced to flee Mexico City in August. Masonic
      revolutionary leaders, such as Venustiano Carranza, Alvero Obregon,
      and Plutarco Elias Calles, took control by summer's end. Carranza
      then became Mexico's new president. The revolutionists then
      proceeded to imprison priests and nuns, seize churches and convents
      and close Catholic schools.

      In 1917, the Mexican revolutionaries had adopted a new
      constitution for the republic. Many of its articles aimed not simply
      at crippling the Church in Mexico, but at eliminating her. What they
      had already begun to do by force, they now made into law. However,
      some of these anti-Catholic articles were not enforced throughout
      all of Mexico by Carranza and his administration. Carranza was more
      concerned about gaining wealth for himself than anything else. He
      began to lose control of the other revolutionaries.

      By 1920, it was clear that no one wanted Carranza to continue
      as president. Obregon and Calles marched with forces into Mexico
      City. Carranza escaped with bags of gold from the country's treasury
      and was later shot by bandits. Alvero Obregon became the new
      president. His revolutionary government was recognized by the U.S.,
      but was feared by Mexican Catholics. Obregon was one of the ones who
      led the persecutions against the Church mentioned above. Soon, their
      fears came true.

      In February, 1921, the door of the archbishop's palace in
      Mexico City was blown up by dynamite. In June a bomb exploded at the
      archbishops residence in Guadalajara. In November a man entered the
      basilica in Guadalupe and planted a time bomb concealed by flowers
      before the miraculous image of Our Lady on St. Juan Diego's tilma.
      The bomb exploded. Its shock waves burst the stained-glass windows
      all around the basilica. Glass was everywhere. The heavy crucifix
      above the altar was twisted into a semi-circle. But the miraculous
      image of Our Lady on the tilma was unharmed! The glass covering was
      not even cracked. God had preserved the holy image by a miracle.
      Catholics knew, something had to be done. Their religion and
      Catholic culture was under direct attack.

      Obgregon was succeeded in December, 1924, by Plutarco Calles,
      who was more anti-Catholic than any of the revolutionaries. He
      publicly declared, "I have a personal hatred for Christ." He was
      determined to enforce all the anti-Catholic articles of the 1917
      constitution. Not satisfied with that, in 1926 he decreed new laws
      of his own. They were meant to bring the Catholic Church completely
      under control of the Mexican state. He began closing down
      seminaries, and even took over Catholic orphanages and homes for the
      elderly. By March, 1926, 200 foreign-born priests were forced out of
      the country, and 83 convents and monasteries had been closed.

      Under the 1917 constitution all church buildings in Mexico
      became property of the state, but in most cases they could still be
      used by priests to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Yet -
      priests were now obligated by law to register with the state -which
      would dictate what they ~ could and could not do. In protest against
      the law decreed by Calles in 1926, the bishops of the, country did
      something never done in the history of the Church anywhere in the
      world before ~ then. They ?rdered the nation'.s priests to withdraw
      fro~ t~e chur~h~s. For~he first time since the I ' Spanish arrIved
      400 years earlIer, Mass would not be saId In publIc In MeXICO.

      Deprived of Mass and realizing that the bishops would not act
      as they did if not forced by. Calles, by summer of 1926 thousands of
      Catholic peasants rose up to resist the Marxist-Masonic
      revolutionary government. Their resistance is known as the Cristero
      Rebellion on account of I their battle cry, "Viva Cristo REY!"
      ("Long live Christ the King!")

      The Cristero Rebellion is one of the most heroic episodes in
      Catholic history. It was clearly a religious and Catholic crusade.
      It was a defense of the Faith, the Church, and Catholic culture ",
      against anti-Christ forces. It lasted three years. Forty thousand of
      the peasant-warriors fell in battle, but they killed 60,000 of the
      soldiers fighting for the atheistic government. By May, 1929, they
      were close to victory. Had they won, Mexico would have had a
      Catholic government, but the U.S. government would not allow it.

      U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Dwight Morrow, who became Calles'
      close personal friend, saw to it that Calles received everything he
      needed militarily and financially to prevail. Meantime, he worked
      behind the scenes to arrive at "arrangements" between the government
      and bishops that would end the fighting. On his side, Calles
      promised to leave the Church in peace if the bishops agreed to order
      the Cristeros to lay down their arms, but Morrow did not require
      that the promise be put into writing and signed. The bishops then
      ordered the Cristeros to lay down their arms and accept the
      agreement offered by Calles. So it was that after the Cristeros
      surrendered their guns, government firing squads began shooting
      them. More than 5,000 disarmed Catholic warriors were murdered in
      this way, and the persecution of the Church would last another ten
      years. Ambassador Morrow did no more than faithfully act as the
      instrument of U.S. policy. That is what ambassadors do. Thus, with
      the aid of the United States, the last chance of a Catholic
      government on the North American Continent was lost.

      In Mexico there is an old saying: "Poor Mexico! So far from God, and
      so near the United States!"

    • presby.dobee
      Not all of it, but God has used it to provide a country for you to live in, and support as a Patriot, in all things in accord with the teaching of Scripture.
      Message 35 of 35 , Apr 20, 2006
        Not all of it, but God has used it to provide a country for you to live in, and support as a
        Patriot, in all things in accord with the teaching of Scripture. All things contrary to
        Scripture, such as the killing of babies in the womb, homosexuality, heresy, etc. is sin
        against a most merciful and loving God, who is Himself, Love. He even commands us to
        love our enemies, as He does, and to love the Cross he gives us. How wonderful is Jesus

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        > Presby.dobee:
        > And you are saying that American Manifest Destiny was good??
        > John McNamara
        > "presby.dobee" <presby.dobee@...> wrote: Parnell wrote: "...probably is a judgment on
        the earlier wickedness of American "Manifest
        > Destiny" abuses." Parnell, what makes you an authoritative judge of this?
        > presby.dobee
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