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Puritan Classic Reprints from SGCB

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  • Michael Gaydosh
    Solid Ground Christian Books is delighted to announce the beginning of a new line of works entitled PURITAN CLASSIC REPRINTS. These are works that have been
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      Solid Ground Christian Books is delighted to announce the beginning
      of a new line of works entitled PURITAN CLASSIC REPRINTS. These are
      works that have been overlooked by other publishers or have been out
      of print for several years, although having been reprinted during the
      20th century.

      We have one title already available, two coming out within a couple
      weeks, a fourth coming later this Spring (Lord willing), and a fifth
      major set scheduled for the Fall.

      A Puritan View of Our Lord's Weeping Over Jerusalem
      by John Howe

      Although written in 1684 ands in the style of the day, this classic
      volume will be of interest to all who recognize the imperative of
      winning souls for Christ.

      Here is a fine biblical exposition of Luke 19:41,42 (Jesus weeping
      over Jerusalem), with appropriate application that is as suitable
      today as when Howe wrote it. The first part portrays the Savior as He
      looked down upon Jerusalem - a stirring scene filled with divine
      pathos. Then follows a series of explanations and admonitions, all
      breathing a compassionate anxiety to win the lost for Christ.

      List Price $11.99
      Sale Price $7.95

      HEAVEN UPON EARTH: Jesus, The Best Friend in the Worst Times
      by James Janeway

      The whole treatise is based on the words of Job 22:21 -"Acquaint now
      thyself with him, and be at peace; thereby good shall come to thee."
      The work is divided thus: there is a statement of the DOCTRINE
      (Acquaintance with God), and then a statement of the DUTY OF MAN (to
      seek this Acquaintance with God).

      The most powerful section is the 86 pages that press the strongest
      motive to become acquainted with God: Jesus is the Best Friend in the
      Worst Times. He is described as a most loving and kind friend, a
      comfortable friend, an able and powerful friend, an active friend, a
      humble and condescending friend, a faithful, rich, sympathizing,
      patient, honorable, suitable, wise, immortal, present, necessary,
      tried, everlasting soul-friend, who is altogether lovely. What
      precious motives to seek deeper acquaintance with our God.

      List Price $22.99
      Pre-Pub Price $13.95 (until April 15th)

      COMMENTARY ON HEBREWS: Exegetical and Expository (in 2 Vols.)
      William Gouge

      "We greatly prize Gouge. Upon any topic which he touches he gives
      outlines which may supply sermons for months." -C.H. Spurgeon

      "There can be no doubt whatsoever that the crowning commentary on the
      Epistle to the Hebrews, as far as preachers are concerned, is the
      great classic, 'Gouge on the Epistle to the Hebrews,' from the pen of
      Dr. William Gouge. The exegetical value of this commentary is
      enormous: every vital word in Hebrews is explained in a manner far
      superior to that which suffices for modern word studies. The
      expository value of the commentary is equally rich: every doctrine,
      theme and argument which is found in the Epistle being given its own
      heading and section. May the Lord greatly bless this magnificent help
      to many preachers of the Word in these needy times." - Dr. Peter

      "We are so grateful to Solid Ground Christian Books for reprinting
      Gouge's magnum opus, A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews." -
      Dr. Joel Beeke

      This is an unabridged reprint taken from the 1866 edition. It will be
      in two large Hardcover or Paperback volumes. Volume One covers
      Hebrews 1-7, and Volume Two covers Hebrews 8-13. Over 1120 pages of
      Puritan exposition and application, with a 20 page topical index

      Hardcover Set List Price $100.00
      Pre-Pub Price $55.00 (until April 15th)
      Paperback Set List Price $75.00
      Pre-Pub Price $40.00 (until April 15th)

      A BODY OF DIVINITY: Being the Sum and Substance of the Christian
      Archbishop James Ussher, New Introduction by Dr. Crawford Gribben

      "Raised in a Bible-believing Calvinistic environment, Dr. Ussher
      soaked himself in the Holy Scriptures without ceasing. He also read
      the Early Church Fathers - systematically, every day, for eighteen
      years. Head of Ireland's foremost Theological Faculty, Ussher was
      internationally the greatest Anglican antiquarian and theologian of
      his age - if not of all time." -Dr. Francis Nigel Lee

      "Though he is best known for his biblical chronology, I believe that
      Ussher's Body of Divinity is his most valuable legacy. This volume,
      long overdue to be reprinted." - Dr. Joel Beeke

      "Among those volumes that are most useful for understanding British
      Reformed theology of the 17th century and especially that of the
      Westminster Assembly few are as valuable and therefore welcome in
      republication as Ussher's Body of Divinity." -Dr. R. Scott Clark

      List Price $50.00
      Pre-Pub Price $30.00 (until March 31st)

      THE COMPLETE WORKS OF THOMAS MANTON (in 16 large harcover vols.)

      "In days like these, I am thankful that the publishers of Manton's
      Works have boldly come forward to offer some real literary gold to
      the reading public. I earnestly trust that they will meet with the
      success which they deserve. If any recommendation of mine can help
      them in bringing out the writings of this admirable Puritan in a new
      form, I give it cheerfully and with all my heart." -J.C. Ryle

      This is complete and unabridged but newly arranged for ease of use.
      Not due until the Fall, but order now to save much!

      List Price $850.00
      Pre-Pub Price $265.00 (until May 1st)

      Call us Toll Free at 1-877-666-9469
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