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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Is This just sour grapes?

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  • Crazy Calvinist
    Hi Fred, thanks for this. Sounds pretty much like overwhelmingly the greater majority of Reformed churches here in the UK. I heard of one recently,
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 19, 2006
      Hi Fred,
      thanks for this.  Sounds pretty much like overwhelmingly the greater majority of "Reformed" churches here in the UK.  I heard of one recently, peforming two confirmation services,  one the parents are unbelievers, but the parents asked for it, so to keep the folks happy it was done.  The evangelical or what comes under heading of Reformed at least here in the UK, seems to be a people pleasing, society by enlarge.   Maybe our equivalent of your PCA.  that's not including Scotland or Ireland of course.  And  as you say, it is like a cancer, a few things creep in, and before you know it, its just as popish as any Anglican church.

      Fred blahous <fritzbau@...> wrote:
      G'day Deejay.

      As a current member of the PCA (Australia) seeking membership in an
      original Covenantor church (if one can be found here), I would say
      that this guy really knows the PCA cult well. I exclude the very
      good teachers I have, but the body as a whole is like a cancer,
      always trying to turn further away from the Reformed heritage and
      embrace corrupt modern Evangelicalism. If the EPC in Brisbane where
      a Covenanter church, I would have already applied to have my
      membership transferred to them.

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