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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Calvin's Preface to the Psalter (EP)

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  • gmw
    Hi Nikolai, Some quick comments below: ... But the very quote you included in your response here says much more than simply songs recorded in Scripture are
    Message 1 of 15 , Jan 4, 2006
      Hi Nikolai,

      Some quick comments below:

      Nikolai wrote:

      > gmw wrote:
      > >>From Brian Schwertley's work on Psalmody:
      > >
      > > "A careful examination of the Scripture passages which discuss the
      > > songs used in worship and how worship songs were composed reveals that
      > > God only authorizes and accepts divinely inspired songs for the praise
      > > of Himself.
      > All I can gather from Mr. Schwertley's quote is that the songs recorded
      > in scripture are inspired.

      But the very quote you included in your response here says much more
      than simply "songs recorded in Scripture are inspired." It's saying
      that the songs which God provides and accepts of, to be used in worship,
      are inspired. And so, Scripture only gives warrant for the use of
      inspired songs in worship.

      > Nobody disputes that or at least no Bible
      > believing Christian does.

      No Bible believing Christian disputes what you said, but obviously not
      all Christians believe what Schwertley was actually saying -- that
      Scripture only gives warrant for the use of divinely inspired songs in

      > The contention is not about whether or not the
      > songs in the Bible are inspired, the contention is about can we sing
      > uninspired songs in worship.

      Yes, agreed, of course. I've surely not denied this.

      > I simply think insisting that Biblical song
      > writers were inspired prophets will not impress someone wishing to sing
      > hymns in worship.

      Someone wishing to sing hymns in worship (hymns here meaning uninspired
      songs as opposed to the inspired hymns commonly called the Psalms) will
      not likely be impressed with anything we insist! Someone wishing to
      worship God biblically, however, may very well be impressed with the
      nature of the songs used in worship given by inspired prophets and
      prophetesses. Now, no one is "simply" insisting that our worship songs
      must be inspired without also having an eye to the Regulative Principle
      of Worship. What I'm saying is this:

      Given the Regulative Principle of Worship, we must have Scriptural
      warrant for our acts of worship. Scripture gives warrant for the use of
      inspired songs in worship, which songs were delivered by inspired men
      and women. Scripture gives warrant for no other type of song.
      Therefore, we only have warrant from Scripture to sing inspired songs
      delivered by inspired people, in worship.

      How we come to limit those songs to the 150 Psalms, is, of course,
      another (yet related) issue.

      > After all, we do listen to uninspired scripture
      > exposition and prayer every Lord's day.

      Of course, and both uninspired (strictly speaking) preaching and prayer
      have Scriptural warrant.

      > The only way, in my
      > opinion, to actually defeat those wishing to sing uninspired songs is by
      > invoking the Regulative Principle, that is, *they* must, not us, to
      > produce a scriptural warrant for their practice. This is when the two
      > passages from Ephesians and Colossians are brought up but they are of no
      > help for them of course.

      And I agree with this. If you are understanding anything I'm saying to
      disagree with your statement of yours, then either I'm being unclear, or
      you are misunderstanding me, friend.

      The issue is not that God commands us to /sing only divinely inspired
      Psalms/, but that God /only commands us to sing divinely inspired
      Psalms/. Given the Regulative Principle, this is enough to warrant
      Psalmody, and nothing else.


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