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[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Calvin Haters

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  • Whit
    ... leaning Baptist) and a few of the others although they may not hold to the historicist view of eschatology. ... having participated in so many debates
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 13, 2005
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Keith Dotzler
      <ll_twoedged_sword_ll@y...> wrote:
      > White writes: "I am one who respects Dr. White (indeed a Reformed-
      leaning Baptist) and a few of the others although they may not hold
      to the historicist view of eschatology."
      > One must wonder how it is that one in "Dr." White's shoes -
      having participated in so many debates with the Beast's minions for
      so many years- is neither able to correctly identify them, nor their
      head, the man of sin and Antichrist in his midst?
      > To know Christ is to know Antichrist, Whit. He has been
      revealed to, and identified by, the Church for over a millennium.
      Those who, in this day and age, claim to be Reformed and part of the
      true Body of Christ, yet deny the man of sin to be in their midst,
      have rejected the testimony of the Church through the ages...deeming
      themselves wiser than the Protestant Reformers, the Puritans, and a
      host of others.
      > We are not to show respect for wolves in sheep's clothing, who
      enter into the Church unawares by craftiness and seduction. Though
      White could set the world on fire with his debating skills on the
      Doctrines of Grace, his inability (or refusal) to correctly identify
      the whore, and the Beast she rides, despite the fact that he
      interacts with them as much as he does, nullifies all......for God
      wills that the enemy of Christ and His elect Church be recognized by
      them! Scripture outlines the birth, growth, deeds, and demise of
      the Beast for a specific reason: because it is the elect that do
      battle with him; in fact, the Beast is said to *wear out* the
      saints, due to the *duration* of the persecution, torture, and
      extermination they were to face.
      > I have about as much respect for James White as I do for the
      Jesuit Bellarmine...a man lauded by the Romanists during the
      Reformation for his ability to "refute" the Protestant Reformers'
      proclamations and teachings that the Pope was the Antichrist, his
      Church Mystery Babylon.
      > George Downame and Thomas Brightman are but two 17th century
      Reformers who refute one of Bellarmine's works, wherein he thinks he
      has succesfully removed the Pope from prophecy, point by point.
      > (BTW, I refuse to abbreviate the phrase "Doctrines of Grace," as
      some here have done. Surely we don't want to associate a DOG with
      Biblical Doctrine, do we?)
      > Keith

      That give me food for thought.

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