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Upholding the Obligations of the SLC (for email inboxes)

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  • Shawn Anderson
    Sorry about that. I was trying out the Beta Editor which works well on the Group Website, but awful in the email version. Here it is again, but without the run
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2005
      Sorry about that. I was trying out the Beta Editor which works well
      on the Group Website, but awful in the email version. Here it is
      again, but without the run on sentence. (you can also go here to see
      the version with bold, and different fonts, etc:

      Hope this helps,
      I understand why the World would not want to promise to believe and
      practice the True Christian Religion. They hate the yoke of Christ,
      and the yoke of all His ordinances. What I don't understand is why
      the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches are so offended at this
      truth? The Covenants are the very remedy for our society. Medicine
      is simply a means to God's healing, as the Covenants are the means
      of medicine to this cancerous society.

      We cannot advance the Kingdom of Christ through joining the ranks of
      pluralism and toleration and pretended fraternal relations, and
      false unity just so we look good. In other words, Christ's Kingdom
      is not promoted through manmade ordinances.

      So Mr. Coombes asks of us Covenanters, "To my point, you are simply
      incapable of really upholding the SL&C. No, you disagree? Well, how
      are YOU really and actively upholding the SL&C and NC today? By
      being the discussion forum police? Do you think that is what the
      Scots really had in mind, or what the document demands? For an
      answer, I want more than yet another suggested link or another
      lengthy cut and paste job in terms of providing mere lip service. If
      you have the audacity to make the repeated accusations you make
      against us and continually accuse us as knowing covenant breakers
      and backsiders, then I think it is entirely fair to turn this around
      and ask the question, and I want to really know in your own words
      how YOU and those you know personally in the RPNA are really and
      actively upholding the SL&C and NC today. Not just lip service on
      the Internet by being the SL&C e-mail police, but how is this being
      done on a day to day basis?

      What are you doing according to your place and calling, in this
      common cause of religion, liberty, and peace of the kingdoms, to
      assist and defend all those that enter into or have entered into the
      League and Covenant? What are you currently doing for reformation
      and defense of religion, the honour and happiness of the King, and
      the peace and safety, of the three kingdoms of Scotland, England,
      and Ireland?

      Answer this honestly for yourself, not using a hermeneutic to
      interpret the obligations of the covenant that is similar in
      execution to how the Framework Hypothesis is used by the liberals to
      interpret Genesis, but really and honestly grammatically
      historically look at the parties and outlined obligations of the
      covenant, and explain to me how you actually fulfill those

      Let me first say Mr. Coombes, thank you. This was a very helpful
      exercise. It made me consider all the more my duties to God and man.
      To even review the faith of our forefathers found in the Covenant
      is very encouraging.

      Secondly, Thank you for your comments in regards to how you uphold
      the True Religion. I found nothing that I disagree with the steps
      you have stated to fulfill your moral obligations (though you
      understand that I might add a few extra obligations). Covenanting,
      understood correctly is swearing, or promising to fulfill your moral
      obligations as a member of Christ's Church. It is like when you take
      the stand as a witness, and they ask if you solemnly swear to tell
      the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And you reply,
      I swear. You were already bound by moral obligation to swear to tell
      the truth, but you have additionally obligated yourself as a
      witness. This is the essence of Covenanting.

      God has provided a means, or ordinance, for us to be able to
      additionally bind ourselves to these moral obligations. It is a
      wonderful means of grace.

      And so again, thank you for the present exercise. Here is my answer
      in a broad context of the Church, and not as an individual. This is
      of course a superficial start.

      "We, noblemen, barons, knights, gentlemen, citizens, burgesses,
      ministers of the Gospel, and commons of all sorts, in the kingdoms
      of Scotland, England, and Ireland, by the providence of GOD living
      under one king, and being of one reformed religion, having before
      our eyes the glory of God, and the advancement of the kingdom of our
      Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, the honour and happiness of the
      king's majesty and his posterity, and the true public liberty,
      safety, and peace of the kingdom, wherein every one's private
      condition is included: and calling to mind the treacherous and
      bloody plots, conspiracies, attempts, and practices of the enemies
      of GOD, against the true religion and professors thereof in all
      places, especially in these three kingdoms, ever since the
      reformation of religion; and how much their rage, power, and
      presumption, are of late, and at this time, increased and exercised,
      whereof the deplorable state of the Church and kingdom of Ireland,
      the distressed state of the Church and kingdom of England, and the
      dangerous state of the Church and kingdom of Scotland, are present
      and public testimonies: we have now at last (after other means of
      supplication, remonstrance, protestation, and sufferings), for the
      preservation of ourselves and our religion from utter ruin and
      destruction, according to the commendable practice of these kingdoms
      in former times, and the example of GOD'S people in other nations,
      after mature deliberation, resolved and determined to enter into a
      Mutual and Solemn League and Covenant, wherein we all subscribe, and
      each one of us for himself, with our hands lifted up to the Most
      High GOD, do swear,

      In the Prologue, we are bound in our several callings and places to
      take up this covenant WITH GOD. Notice it is not people covenanting
      with other people. Two parties are represented – 1) The King's
      Dominion and 2) God.

      Also, though it really goes without saying, those who want to say
      that Social Covenanting is an Old Testament ordinance – my answer is
      take it up with the Reformers. We grant that all are bound to these
      duties with or without covenanting – But that is not the issue. The
      issue is whether or not we are bound to keep lawful promises that
      our forefathers made to God to aid us in the keeping of our duties.

      "I. That we shall sincerely, really, and constantly, through the
      grace of GOD, endeavor, in our several places and callings, the
      preservation of the reformed religion in the Church of Scotland, in
      doctrine, worship, discipline, and government, against our common
      enemies; the reformation of religion in the kingdoms of England and
      Ireland, in doctrine, worship, discipline, and government, according
      to the Word of GOD, and the example of the best reformed Churches;
      and shall endeavour to bring the Churches of GOD in the three
      kingdoms to the nearest conjunction and uniformity in religion,
      Confession of Faith, Form of Church Government, Directory for
      Worship and Catechising; that we, and our posterity after us, may,
      as brethren, live in faith and love, and the Lord may delight to
      dwell in the midst of us.

      The first paragraph commits all of the citizens under the King's
      dominion and their posterity to the preservation of the reformed
      religion in doctrine, worship, discipline and government and to seek
      the reformation of the church where needed. We are also to seek the
      uniformity of the churches through means of Covenanting along with
      one confession of faith and catechism, one form of government, and
      one directory for worship. These have been produced, and are known
      as the Westminster Standards, which are agreeable unto, and founded
      upon the Scriptures. Because they are agreeable to the Bible, we
      uphold them as part of our covenanted obligations for Unity and
      Uniformity in the True Religion.

      We have not sought to corrupt the Confession, by taking out Biblical
      principles, while pasting in unbiblical doctrines – and then being
      misleading by saying that we hold to the Westminster Confession of
      Faith. Nor do we abandon the Directory and Form, in exchange for
      documents of generality and less clarity than the Standards.

      In other words, we promote Reformation by first truly promoting and
      defending orthodox and reformed confessional Christianity summarized
      in our 6 Terms of Communion.

      "II. That we shall, in like manner, without respect of persons,
      endeavour the extirpation of Popery, Prelacy (that is, Church
      government by archbishops, bishops, their chancellors and
      commissioners, deans, deans and chapters, archdeacons, and all other
      ecclesiastical officers depending on that hierarchy), superstition,
      heresy, schism, profaneness, and whatsoever shall be found contrary
      to sound doctrine and the power of Godliness; lest we partake in
      other men's sins, and thereby be in danger to receive of their
      plagues; and that the Lord may be one, and his name one, in the
      three kingdoms.

      In the second paragraph we are committed to uproot, in lawful ways,
      all false religion which includes Popery, Prelacy and also
      Independency – the greatest form of schism. Since many more
      heretical forms of false religion have taken root by the Pluralism
      of the Nations, there is more weeding to be done. Also notice, that
      we are to extirpate unscriptural systems and evil practices, and not

      We preach against false religion in our pulpits, we tell the civil
      magistrates their duty to God and man. We address it in our own
      places and callings, including mothers with their children, fathers
      with their family in family worship, men and women in the workplace,

      We also do not countenance these false (in the unfaithful sense)
      religions but keep from their false worship, and their idolatry,
      which has crept in unawares in many Reformed and Presbyterian

      In other words, though we testify against the
      contemporary "Ecumenical movement, where they exalt their points of
      agreement, and ignore their points that keep them separated is
      practiced, we promote the Ecumenicism of the Westminster Assembly;
      an ecumenicism that invites all to come to the Table of Unity in
      Truth, asking of all who take her chairs to place our differences on
      the table that they may be sorted and we may be one in God's Truth.
      We don't ignore our differences, but charitably challenge each other
      using the Standard of faith and practice of all those present – The
      very Word of God.

      "III. We shall, with the same sincerity, reality, and constancy, in
      our several vocations, endeavour, with our estates and lives,
      mutually to preserve the rights and privileges of the Parliaments,
      and the liberties of the kingdoms; and to preserve and defend the
      king's majesty's person and authority, in the preservation and
      defence of the true religion and liberties of the kingdoms; that the
      world may bear witness with our consciences of our loyalty, and that
      we have no other thoughts or intentions to diminish his majesty's
      just power and greatness.

      Paragraph three commits us in our various callings to uphold the
      rights and privileges of those in Civil Magistracy, and their
      citizens. Notice that it says that we defend the Civil Magistrate as
      he defends the true religion. When one abuses their authority, our
      testimony to them is to repent, for you have abandoned your rule.
      Our allegiance is limited to faithfulness according to this

      When the king violates the original Constitution, or sets up some
      false (in the unlawful sense) Constitution which in turn violates
      the original Constitution, and tramples upon the constitutional
      rights of the people, the sovereign power reverts to the people.

      We do not use their unlawfulness to promote our unlawfulness or the
      unlawfulness of others; rather we keep all their lawful commands
      because the commands are lawful, and do not follow in their
      rebellion against God as they seek to cast off His yoke that is upon

      We do not vote for civil officers, presently, due to the unlawful
      swearing they maintain to the false Constitution of this nation. We
      will not partake in any of their false wars, though would defend our
      household and community if needed. We pray for this nation, and its
      rulers, on a regular basis.

      In other words, we are true patriots. We are not guilty of treason,
      or perjury, for we recognize Christ head of all kingdoms. It is the
      kings and princes, and rulers and presidents, and senators, and
      representatives who perjure Christ. And when they cease, and promote
      His kingdom, we shall promote them.

      IV. We shall also, with all faithfulness, endeavour the discovery of
      all such as have been or shall be incendiaries, malignants, or evil
      instruments, be hindering the reformation of religion, dividing the
      king from his people, or one of the kingdoms from another, or making
      any faction or parties among the people, contrary to this League and
      Covenant; that they may be brought to public trial, and receive
      condign punishment, as the degree of their offences shall require or
      deserve, or the supreme judicatories of both kingdoms respectively,
      or others having power from them for that effect, shall judge

      The fourth paragraph commits us to oppose all who generally promote
      schism and oppose the reformation of the Church and State, and who
      do these specifically contrary to this Covenant. Since this Covenant
      acts as a remedy to the opposition to Christ's Kingdom, those who
      oppose this Covenant, oppose the Kingdom of Christ, and are Covenant

      We preach Christ and the Covenants in our pulpits, teach them to our
      children, and make them Terms of Christian Communion.

      We also maintain a testimony against those who are guilty of being
      contrary to this Covenant. We censure those in our midst who once
      held to this Covenant, and have turned their backs upon the
      obligations therein.

      So we commit ourselves to oppose all who oppose the true religion in
      church and state and all who seek to divide the covenanted people.

      V. And whereas the happiness of a blessed peace between these
      kingdoms, denied in former times to our progenitors, is, by the good
      providence of GOD, granted unto us, and hath been lately concluded
      and settled by both Parliaments; we shall, each one of us, according
      to our place and interest, endeavour that they may remain conjoined
      in a firm peace and union to all posterity; and that justice may be
      done upon the willful opposers thereof, in manner expressed in the
      precedent article.

      Paragraph five commits us to seek to maintain the union among the
      posterity of the King's dominion, and to also seek relations with
      other Nations, that they too would endeavor to walk in new
      obedience, and covenant to Almighty God.

      There is that binding language, that descending obligation language –
      or do you who are part of this posterity deny such, desiring to
      cast of the yoke off Christ?

      Contrary to popular believe we do have a mission's field. By
      maintaining our Terms of Christian Communion and making them
      accessible to the entire world as a witness, many from all over the
      world are in current and perpetual dialogue with us- The
      Netherlands, Zambia, Switzerland, Spain, Columbia, Italy,
      Uzbekistan, not to mention those all over the US and Canada.

      VI. We shall also, according to our places and callings, in this
      common cause of religion, liberty, and peace of the kingdoms, assist
      and defend all those that enter into this League and Covenant, in
      the maintaining and pursuing thereof; and shall not suffer
      ourselves, directly or indirectly, by whatsoever combination,
      persuasion, or terror, to be divided or withdrawn from this blessed
      union and conjunction, whether to make defection to the contrary
      part, or to give ourselves to a detestable indifferency or
      neutrality in this cause, which so much concerneth the glory of God,
      the good of the kingdom, and honour of the king; but shall, all the
      days of our lives, zealously and constantly continue therein against
      all opposition, and promote the same, according to our power,
      against all lets and impediments whatsoever; and what we are not
      able ourselves to suppress or overcome, we shall reveal and make
      known, that it may be timely prevented or removed: All which we
      shall do as in the sight of God.

      The last section commits us to mutual defense, union, assistance and
      support in pursuit of advancing the goals of the Covenant.

      We stand always to give an answer to those who would question us in
      regards to unity in the true religion. We have made our Terms of
      Communion known and published throughout all the Earth. We have
      recorded and made available for free our sermons and lectures, and
      SWRB has made many resources available for free.

      We call our people to Reformation duties, and do not seek to hide in
      the world. We call upon our God to be our strength and defense, we
      thank Him for places His enemies around us for a season, that we may
      be sanctified and zealous for His Truth. We also pray that He would
      remove the enemies and infidels of His Kingdom, from our midst that
      we faint not, that we may also promote His Crown and Covenant.

      And, because these kingdoms are guilty of many sins and provocations
      against GOD, and his Son JESUS CHRIST, as is too manifest by our
      present distresses and dangers, the fruits thereof; we profess and
      declare, before GOD and the world, our unfeigned desire to be
      humbled for our own sins, and for the sins of these kingdoms;
      especially that we have not, as we ought, valued the inestimable
      benefit of the Gospel; that we have not laboured for the purity and
      power thereof; and the we have not endeavoured to receive Christ in
      our hearts, not to walk worthy of him in our lives; which are the
      causes of other sins and transgression so much abounding amongst us:
      and our true and unfeigned purpose, desire, and endeavour, for
      ourselves, and all others under our power and charge, both in public
      and private, in all duties we owe to GOD and man, to amend our
      lives, and each one to go before another in the example of a real
      reformation; that the Lord may turn away his wrath and heavy
      indignation, and establish these Churches and kingdoms in truth and
      peace. And this Covenant we make in the presence of ALMIGHTY GOD,
      the Searcher of all hearts, with a true intention to perform the
      same, as we shall answer at that great day, when the secrets of all
      hearts shall be disclosed; most humbly beseeching the LORD to
      strengthen us by his HOLY SPIRIT for this end, and to bless our
      desires and proceedings with such success, as may be deliverance and
      safety to his people, and encouragement to other Christian Churches,
      groaning under, or in danger of the yoke of antichristian tyranny,
      to join in the same or like association and covenant, to the glory
      of GOD, the enlargement of the kingdom of JESUS CHRIST, and the
      peace and tranquillity of Christian kingdoms and commonwealths.

      Our Conclusion is a confession of our sin and humiliation before
      God, and desire to see all nations yoke themselves with this light
      yoke of Christ, this ordinance of Covenanting to be the people of
      God, whether it be by this Covenant or another. There is also an
      engagement to all godly practice.

      We don't view these articles as principle to simply profess, but to
      be promoted by action.
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