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"The Travels of True Godliness" coming by Thanksgiving

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  • Michael Gaydosh
    Solid Ground Christian Books is excited to announce the publication of The Travels of True Godliness by Benjamin Keach. For the first time in over 150 years
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2005
      Solid Ground Christian Books is excited to announce the publication
      of "The Travels of True Godliness" by Benjamin Keach. For the first
      time in over 150 years this allegory that once rivaled The Pilgrim's
      Progress is coming back again. Hear what others are saying:

      "After defining godliness and showing its worthy pedigree and
      antiquity, 'the excellent Benjamin Keach' (as he was fondly called),
      allegorically personifies 'Godliness,' much as Bunyan
      did 'Christian.' He introduces us to more than two dozen enemies of
      godliness, then details Godliness's encounters with several of them,
      including apostasy, hypocrisy, legalism, antinomianism, worldliness,
      and Satan. We meet in graphic detail the temptations of youth and old
      age, of riches and poverty, as well as the joys of contentment,
      thoughtfulness, kindness, and love. This is a fascinating read by the
      most important Baptist thinker of his day, designed to stir us up to
      a greater pursuit of godliness." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke

      "While The Pilgrim's Progress is the most famous of the Christian
      journey allegories of the seventeenth century, it is not the only
      one. Though nearly forgotten today, Benjamin Keach's 'The Travels of
      True Godliness' was in the eighteenth century nearly as popular as
      Bunyan's great work. It is a great blessing to see it back in print.
      We hope that many will read, enjoy and benefit from it." - Dr. James
      M. Renihan

      "Most modern men don't think deeply. If there is something
      called 'true godliness,' for a contrast to stand, there must also be
      a form of religion that is not true and straight, but false. The
      former is rare in the world; the latter abounds even in the
      churches. "The Travels of True Godliness" is a road map for and about
      those on God's narrow way. For others, if the directions of God go
      unheard and unheeded, 'true godliness' will remain a quaint curiosity
      on the road to destruction." - Dr. Mike Renihan

      If you could find a used copy you can expect to pay at least $150.00,
      so we are especially happy to offer it to you until November 30th for
      $8.50 (a full 50% discount, and about 1/20th of what it would cost on
      the used market).

      Our new edition has an Introduction by Pastor Austin Walker, author
      of the book The Excellent Benjamin Keach (Joshua Press, 2004).

      REMEMBER: This Discount is only until November 30th.

      Order by responding to this e-mail

      By calling us Toll Free at 1-877-666-9469

      Or by going to http://solid-ground-books.com and going to Pre-
      publication Special Offers
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