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  • Chris Coldwell
    All, I’m making a great offer to some of the discussion groups I belong to, and didn’t want to leave this group out :-) ; you can subscribe to The
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2005


      I’m making a great offer to some of the discussion groups I belong to, and didn’t want to leave this group out J ; you can subscribe to The Confessional Presbyterian journal for the 2005 issue at just $15.00; that’s $3.00 off the regular price! Offer ends November 1st. See pics below. Website is http://www.cpjournal.com. If interested let me know and I will send you payment information to get the special price. For more information see the website; but to purchase at this special price contact me offlist ASAP. Already subscribed; give a gift subscription! Sorry; USA addresses only on this offer. See the website for non USA subscriptions.


      A forthcoming review of the journal states: This new journal is a substantial publication, in more than one sense. It is physically a remarkably large volume, containing enough material for a sizeable book.... The articles represent a judicious mix of historical theology, systematics and practical theology, and usefully bridge the gap between academy and church.


      Here is what you get in the 2005 issue (CPJ is an annual publication). Large format, 7x10, dbl column text in distinctive sewn bound journal, finely typeset:




      A transcription from manuscript of one of the earliest sermons preached by Samuel Miller (from James 2:18).


      A new annotated bibliography of the Works of Samuel Miller by Wayne Sparkman, including an index of the Samuel Miller Manuscript Collection


      An article, Jonathan Edwards on Scripture and Salvation, by Dr. W. Gary Crampton.


      An article, The "Ministerial and Declarative" Powers of the Church and In Thesi Deliverances, by Dr. C. N. Willborn.


      An article, A Critical Examination of N. T. Wright's Doctrine of Justification, by J. V. Fesko, Ph.D. Worth the subscription price alone to get this article. Dr. Rowland Ward says this piece is a pretty devastating critique of this confusing rearrangement of Reformation doctrine.


      An article, Reframing Presbyterian Worship: A Critical Survey of the Worship Views of John M. Frame and R. J. Gore, by Frank J. Smith, Ph.D. D. D. and David C. Lachman, Ph.D. Great addition to the literature defending the RPW, and devastating critiques, particularly by Dr. Lachman of R. J. Gore’s Ph.D. dissertation on which his later book was based.


      An article, Examining the Work of S. W. Carruthers: Justifying a Critical Approach to the Text of the Westminster Standards & Correcting the 18th Century Lineage of the Traditional Scottish Text, by Chris Coldwell (New research; you won't find this information any where else.)





      Reviews & Responses

      Review: Stephen Westerholm, Perspectives Old and New on Paul, reviewed by Rowland S. Ward

      Review: Leonard J. Coppes, The Divines Days of Creation, reviewed by Benjamin Shaw . Response by Leonard J. Coppes. Reply by Benjamin Shaw .

      Review: Norman Shepherd, Law and Gospel in Covenantal Perspective, reviewed by Wayne Forkner.

      Review: Robert Traill, Justification Vindicated, by Andrew J. Webb.

      Review: The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros and Cons, Debating the Federal Vision, reviewed by J. Ligon Duncan.


      In Translatiōne. Andrew Willet's Preface to Nicholas Bownd's Sabbathvm veteris et Novi Testamenti.


      Psallo. Psalm 109: 1-10.


      Antiquary. The Traditional Form of The Westminster Standards by Chris Coldwell (this explores how the collection of documents that make up the traditional Scottish form of the Standards came together over about 80 years from the close of the Assembly; turns out it is basically an RP collection!).




      Front Cover


      The cover stock is actually a light cream color; bleached by the scanner I guess.

      Back Cover, Westminster Abbey as it would have looked to the Westminster divines in their day.




      Chris Coldwell

      The Confessional Presbyterian www.cpjournal.com

      Member FPCR, www.fpcr.org

      Naphtali Press, www.naphtali.com


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