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  • gmw
    First, I wanted to point out that the recent charges made against the Cameronians are not new, and have not gone unanswered. The following is from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2005
      First, I wanted to point out that the recent charges made against the
      Cameronians are not new, and have not gone unanswered. The following
      is from the Informatory Vindication:

      "SEEING the unjust imputation, of acting as Judges either Civil or
      Ecclesiastic, or as an Erastian Republic, & other sad accusations, are
      unfriendly drawn from our Declaration published at Sanquhar, & the
      following published at Lanerk: Therefore to remove such a charge,
      concerning both these Declarations we in general plainly Declare, that
      we never did neither do look upon these as Authoritative actions, & as
      such extended over, & binding the whole Land (though they were all
      morally obliged to do what we did, & more than we were able to do, &
      to own what we have done thereby, because of the duty of the thing)
      but as Declarations published in the name of these who adhere unto, &
      consent with us in, the matter of the Testimony. But to speak more
      particularly: first, as to the first Declaration published at
      Sanquhar, We shall notice three things in it. First the designation,
      {51} by which the publishers & consenters are termed, viz. The
      Representatives of the true Presbyterian Church & Covenanted Nation of
      Scotland. Secondly, The principal part of the Declaration. viz. The
      disowning of & revolting from under Charles the Second. Thirdly, The
      extensive Declaration of war against that Tyrant & Usurper.

      "As to the First, to wit, the Designation; We declare, that by it we
      understand only these, who in the time of Tyranny & Apostacy cleave
      most closely to the fundamental Laws of the Kingdom, & to the parts &
      degrees of the Reformation already attained in this Reformed &
      Covenanted Land, or the Remnant that is left bearing witness unto the
      same; not these who ordinarily are understood by this word, to wit,
      persons formally invested with Authority & delegation from these whom
      they represent, but only a poor people appearing most publickly for
      pursuing the ends of our Covenants, some way representing the body
      that should have done it, in that they did it in their stead, though
      they could not have their concurrence. Therefore, as we utterly
      disclaim, as an unsound & Erastian principle & practice, that the same
      party, persons, & assembly formally invested with Authority, should
      take upon them to perform actions Civil & Ecclesiastic representing
      both Church & State; so we declare that neither the Authors nor we
      ever intended or practiced any such thing. Hence it may be evident,
      that we use not the word Representative, according to its ordinary &
      strict acceptation; but more improperly, as it denotes the more
      faithful & better part of the Church & Kingdom, representing others
      who should deserve the same signature, {52} who, in the time of
      complete Tyranny & National Apostacy, are for themselves & such as do
      adhere unto them endeavouring closely to adhere unto the degrees of
      Reformation, in the best times of the Church & state, acting jointly
      according to the word of God, the Church Constitutions, & fundamental
      Laws of the Land, by virtue of that natural right, which is competent
      to Subjects & men merely private, in time of necessity, in reference
      to things Lawful, laudable & necessary: Seeing in such case, the
      persecuting party have de jure forfeited their right, & the
      backsliding party fled from their Testimony; Therefore the more
      faithful & better part may do for themselves in that interim.

      "Secondly, As for the principal and most material part of the
      Testimony, to wit, The disowning of Charles the Second; We distinguish
      between a judicial & Authoritative deposing, & a private Lawful &
      necessary disowning, & refusing any more to own him in a Magistratical
      relation over us, for ourselves & all who adhere unto & consent with
      us in our Declaration against him, as Head of the Malignants. The
      former we altogether deny to be done by us; The latter we have done, &
      own it as our duty; And that because of these reasons expressed in the
      Declaration, & hinted above pages 32,33. Chiefly for this, in the
      complex (which comprehends all) that he had inverted all the ends of
      Government, & everted & perverted Religion, Laws, & Liberties, which
      he was obliged to maintain, both by his office & trust, & by the
      superadded tie & obligation of sacred & solemn Oaths & Covenants; By
      breaking which, he had ruined & razed the very foundations, {53} upon
      which both his right to govern & the peoples allegiance were founded,
      & thereby he had loosed the people from all obligation to own his
      Authority: For the Articles & Conditions, agreed upon & mutually
      covenanted unto, betwixt a people & the Person or persons whom they
      entrust to rule over them for their good, are the only fundamental
      Laws, whereupon the Ruler's right to govern & the peoples' obligation
      to obey are founded, & which continues & regulates the relation of
      each to other, in their respective spheres & duties; And no Law,
      Divine nor Humane, does oblige one party to the performance of a
      mutual Condition to the other, while the other does not mutually
      observe nor perform his to them. And because he had usurped & exerced
      that Sacrilegious Supremacy.

      "Thirdly, As for the war there Declared in expressions to this
      purpose; We Declare a war against such a Tyrant & Usurper, & all the
      men of his practices, as Enemies to our Lord Jesus Christ, His cause,
      & Covenants & against all such as have any way strengthened him, sided
      with, or acknowledged him in his Usurpation Civil & Ecclesiastic, or
      shall acknowledge any other in the like Usurpation & Tyranny: For
      understanding whereof, & our minds concerning the same, we offer these
      few things to be considered.

      "I. We have ingenuously inserted the words, as they most frequently
      occur in the most common Copies, capable of the worst sense that
      usually is put upon them; though we have found some far otherwise, &
      more favourably worded, & which probably seem more like the Authors'
      genuine expressions & meaning: And we cannot conceal, how we have
      observed, the only Alteration in the Copies of that paper to be in
      that extensive declaration {54} of war; which gives us some ground to
      Jealousy, that some industry hath not been wanting to misrepresent them.

      "II. We will not offer to put a determinate sense upon the Authors'
      words, who we are confident had an honest intention, though their
      expressions (if these be their expressions) cannot bear an ordinary
      sense without exceptions; only we are free to signify in what sense we
      allow them. We distinguish therefore, between a Declaring of a hostile
      war & martial insurrection, And Declaring a war of contradiction &
      opposition by Testimonies &c. As for the former, we look upon that
      only to be Declared against the Tyrant, & such as should rise with him
      in arms, mustering themselves under his banner, displayed against the
      Cause & people of God, for destroying the Covenanted work of
      Reformation, & extirpating all the owners thereof; But as for the
      latter, we cannot but think, that is declared against all such, as any
      way strengthen, side with, or acknowledge the said Tyrant, or any
      other in the like Tyranny & Usurpation, Civil or Ecclesiastic; Not
      that we would martially oppose & rise up against all such, but that by
      our profession, practice, & Testimony, we would contradict & oppose
      them, & their profession & practice, as to that thing.

      "III. We positively disown, as horrid Murder, the killing of any
      because of a different persuasion & opinion from us; albeit some have
      invidiously cast this odious Calumny upon us, from this extensive
      Declaration of war: for against the latter sort, to wit, such as
      acknowledge the Usurper, or any way side with & strengthen him, & do
      dot rise in a hostile manner under his banner, no killing is intended
      at all. But, {55}

      "IV. We maintain it is both Righteous & rational, in defence of our
      lives, liberties, & religion, after an orderly & Christian manner, to
      endeavour by all means Lawful & possible to defend ourselves, rescue
      our Brethren, & prevent their Murder, in a martial opposition against
      wicked persecutors, who are daily seeking to destroy them & us, &
      imbrue their hands in our blood; according to the true import of the
      Apologetical Declaration, whereby this at Sanquhar is confirmed &

      The Informatory Vindication can be read here:

      Second, it seems Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, who once mocked the idea of
      Exclusive Psalmody, is now on board with that issue:

      I wish he would take down his mocking remarks of the Canonical Hymnody
      on the Web link though! (He has taken away his warning of the
      "hyper-covenantalism" of another Covie website). McMahon's links:

      I am always encouraged at hearing of the continued reformation of others!

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