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Huge Sales on All EP and Sprinkle Titles

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  • Michael Gaydosh
    Solid Ground Christian Books is delighted to feature all the titles of two outstanding publishers for the month of August. We are featuring EVANGELICAL PRESS
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2005
      Solid Ground Christian Books is delighted to feature all the titles
      of two outstanding publishers for the month of August. We are

      We are offering at least a 40% Discount off all the titles from both
      publishers with a special 45% Discount off all New Titles and a
      special 50% discount off selected titles.


      The Discussions of Robert L. Dabney in Five Volumes

      List Price $175.00, Sale Price $90.00

      The Ministry of the Word & Hints and Helps in Pastoral Theology by
      William Taylor and William Plumer

      List Price $45.00, Sale Price $24.95

      Lectures on Female Characters in Scripture by William Jay

      List Price $28.00, Sale Price $15.50


      1689 BAPTIST CONFESSION OF FAITH: A Modern Exposition
      Sam Waldron

      List Price $45.00, Sale Price $24.95

      "War and Grace" by Don Stephens
      In this sixtieth anniversary year of the end of World War II, here is
      a fascinating insight into the influence of the gospel on the lives
      of people who lived through that war and the events that led up to

      Read about
      • the Japanese pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor
      • the German pastor who was prepared to suffer imprisonment
      and death for the sake of his faith
      • the British general given the task of defending Malta
      against invasion by Hitler and Mussolini
      • the American airman who was converted while a prisoner of
      the Japanese and who later returned to Japan as a missionary
      • the Jewish girl who came to know Christ as her Savior
      while in hiding from the Nazis
      • the American chaplain who witnessed to leading Nazi war
      criminals on trial at Nuremberg, and
      • the British secret agent who was the inspiration for
      `Q' in the James Bond 007 stories.

      List Price $15.99, Sale Price $9.50

      The most successful arm of the evangelical church in recent years, in
      terms of growth, money and prestige, has been the market-driven
      (seeker-sensitive, new paradigm, user-friendly) church. Because of
      this success these churches are being mimicked all over the country,
      and indeed, the world. But is this church fully dressed? Is she
      outfitted in the biblically prescribed robes of evangelism,
      edification, worship and instruction? Or, is she wrapped in rags
      composed of empty human philosophy stitched together with bits and
      pieces of truth? If the latter is true, why have so few seemed to
      notice? It is the intent of this book to attempt to answer some of
      these questions.

      List Price $13.99, Sale Price $8.40

      You can visit our web site and search for the titles you would like
      to order from either or both these publishers.

      Visit http://solid-ground-books.com

      We also have a 50% Special Sale on several of our own Pre-publication
      titles until August 15th including:

      The Greek Text Commentaries of John Eadie

      Five volumes (Galatians - 2nd Thess.) List for $135.00 Sale Price

      Paul the Preacher: Expositions of the Speeches of Paul in Acts by
      John Eadie
      List Price $27.99, Sale Price $14.00

      Lectures on the Revivals of Religion by W.B. Sprague

      List Price $28.99, Sale Price $14.50

      The Secret of Communion with God by Matthew Henry

      List Price $11.99, Sale Price $6.00

      Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles by John Dick

      List Price $30.00, Sale Price $15.00

      Truth and Life: 22 Christ-Centered Sermons by C.P. McIlvaine

      List Price $28.99, Sale Price $14.50

      Visit http://solid-ground-books.com

      Call Toll Free 1-877-666-9469
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