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Occasional Hearing.

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    Larry, you wrote: I haven t been persecuted, except here (and that fairly lightly). I left Papism, found true worship, and settled here. Married a beautiful
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      Larry, you wrote:

      "I haven't been persecuted, except here (and that fairly lightly).
      I left Papism, found true worship, and settled here. Married a beautiful
      woman nineteen years ago, have four godly children (better people now than I
      will ever be, this side of paradise) and am generally pretty happy at having
      blessings far in excess of what I deserve.

      I am *only* involved in this discussion because of the tendency to tell
      people not to worship with the RPCNA. I believe this is sin, and I will
      continue to oppose it as long as Gerry allows."

      You continue to repeat this issue with the RPNA members forbidding
      worship in RPCNA. I hope I'm not putting words in your mouth, but I've
      gone through a lot of your emails again and this seems to be the main
      focus of your testimony. I believe you have summed it up in the
      paragraph above so hopefully I'm not misquoting your context.

      However, in my own opinion, I believe that I would not permit myself to
      worship at your church based upon the doctrine of occasional hearing.
      The reason I would hold to this position is varied, as I do not know
      exactly what your church teaches (and that would have to be investigated
      and satisfied against my knowledge and research of Scripture), but I
      would not attend because I believe you specifically promote schism in
      the body of Christ.

      Why do I believe this? Because I do not believe Pastor Pockras desires
      to promote unity with those outside the RPCNA, specifically with the
      RPNA. In reading your commentary on this site, I can also see that you
      really, sincerely have no interest in promoting unity with the RPNA.
      Rather, you desire to spend your time on this site defending your
      worship as pure against those who would not desire to worship with you,
      or promote your worship to others.

      Would you please ask Pastor Pockras for me when he would formally
      respond to the brotherly entreaty the RPNA has posted against the RPCNA?
      I know that he and Pastor Price were talking a wee bit, and I do not
      know the result of those private discussions, but I would appreciate if
      your Session would formally explain your reasons for departing from the
      terms of communion which we seek communion with you brothers.

      Although I am not at liberty to quote all my discussions with Pastor
      Pockras, I will quote this point that we addressed on June 16, 2003. We
      had many other discussions before and a few after this comment:

      "It would be a big sacrifice for me to move out to you folks from the
      RPCNA, but that's not a barrier. I've made such before. I left the
      Presbyterian Church, where I'd have had much more money and prestige,
      and where I grew up and where my parents still are. That was emotionally
      and financially wrenching, but I did it."

      This is encouraging to me and I for one would worship in your church if
      you can show me where our terms of communion are wrong, and yours are
      more faithfully accurate as to allow me to covenant and worship with you
      in Christian communion.

      The brotherly entreaty was written August 5, 2002. Perhaps it is time to
      go to the heart of our disagreements outlined in that document, and have
      you work through those first.

      My Christian calling is a business man. I have engaged in business
      dealings in more than 25 countries and am generally familiar with
      corporate law of many nations. I further manage the corporate bylaws,
      minutes and articles of organization of 10 companies. When we amend our
      corporate documentation, and seek to move left or right from the
      original documents, I am the first to place a tight firm grip on my
      lawyers and their suggestions. There is much that I wish to know before
      deviating from my original founding documents, and I do not take this

      I'm only a corporate business person, and I cannot for the life of me
      understand how the ministers blaming the RPNA (and our members) for
      being "narrow‑minded bigots", "perfectionists", or "cultish
      separatists", etc. in times past, do not respond to our plea for unity.

      I know you are busy Larry, as is everyone that I deal with and I keep
      pretty busy myself, but I do not for the life of me know why it has
      taken almost 3 years for anyone to respond to our pleas from the RPCNA.
      Maybe you can ask Pastor Pockras for me, or ask him to personally email
      me to update me on when he was planning to respond formerally, if ever.

      For the cause of Christ,
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