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  • david0684uk
    Covenantal confusion abounds. And we know why this is. In this short post, I m not going to present an argument buttressed with proofs at every
    Message 1 of 734 , May 22, 2001
      Covenantal confusion abounds.<br><br>And we know
      why this is.<br><br>In this short post, I'm not going
      to present an argument buttressed with proofs at
      every point; merely a viewpoint, the land as I see it
      as I peer out. It's not so much assertions to be
      countered, but how it looks from here. Are we sitting
      comfortably? Then I'll begin...<br><br>For various reasons,
      the Reformers just couldn't bring themselves to give
      up paedobaptism; for one thing, it would mean the
      end of "sacraments for all"; this would mean a clear
      division between church and world, which would mean giving
      up reliance upon civil governments for the work of
      reformation. Up until then, nobody could conceive of the idea
      of a nation which did not have religious uniformity;
      the end of "sacraments for all" would spell the end
      of this, and to advocate this was practically one
      and the same with advocating insurrection. One
      nation, one religion; in the minds of those who couldn't
      conceive of any alternative to this (and such a thing was
      unthinkable to that age), anyone adovocating the contrary was
      practically inviting civil war.<br><br>So, paedobaptism
      stayed. But, it needed a biblical justification, and the
      "covenantal" argument was just the device for it, being at
      various points logically unfalsifiable.<br><br>Sadly of
      course, skewing the covenant theology of the Bible to
      squeeze in infant baptism means that you open the door to
      much other stuff too. And as those who recognised that
      national privilege was no qualification for baptism in the
      gospel age (Matthew 3:9) probed the covenant arguments
      and exposed fault lines, they pushed their
      theological opponents into various corners, from which in
      order to come to consistency in their positions, they
      could do one of two things; drop their paedobaptism, or
      embrace even worse errors.<br><br>Some of course dropped
      their paedobaptism; but for some, it was too much
      implanted in their hearts, so in order to maintain the
      logical consistency the human mind craves, they had to
      adopt other positions too.<br><br>This, I believe and
      assert is the root of many and various errors abroad
      today... the attempts to make the civil government an arm
      of the church in granting preferred status to one
      particular religion... the reconstructionist errors... the
      errors of those who bring infants to the Lord's
      Supper... all these errors spring from attempts to maintain
      consistency in ones covenant theology *and* maintain
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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