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Important Announcement: Dwight's THEOLOGY: Explained & Defended

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  • Michael Gaydosh
    Important Announcement: Dwight s THEOLOGY: Explained & Defended Solid Ground Christian Books is delighted to announce our intention to begin the process of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2005
      Important Announcement: Dwight's THEOLOGY: Explained & Defended

      Solid Ground Christian Books is delighted to announce our intention
      to begin the process of reprinting Timothy Dwight's Magnum Opus,
      Theology: Explained & Defended in four volumes. These have not been
      available since the middle of the 19th century. Dwight, the grandson
      of Jonathan Edwards, was a brilliant and godly man who delighted to
      train men for the ministry. He served as president of Yale College
      from 1795 until his death in 1817.

      This Four Volume work contains 173 sermons (1-90 focus upon The
      System of Doctrines, and 91-162 upon the System of Duties; concluding
      with 163-173 on Death, Resurrection, Judgment, Hell and Heaven).
      According to one biographer, "The primary object of the discourses in
      these volumes is to explain and prove the great truths of theology;
      and their second, to enforce them on the conscience, and show their
      practical influence on the heart and life. They are not merely
      theological lectures; but are, in the strictest sense, sermons...
      Having heard those discourses to which we have just now referred, we
      have ever viewed them as distinguished models of sacred eloquence."

      Our intention is to publish one volume each season this year (Lord
      Volume One: Spring 2005
      Volume Two: Summer 2005
      Volume Three: Fall 2005
      Volume Four: Winter 2005

      We plan to make these available in both paperback and hardcover. The
      paperback volumes will list for $37.50 and the hardcover for $50.00
      each. The Complete Set will be $145 (paper) and $195 (hardcover).

      Volume One contains A Memoir of President Dwight (60 pages), a
      diagrammatic analysis of the entire work (8 pages), and 38 sermons
      (508 pages). We hope to have this available in early to mid June. Our
      special pre-publication special of 50% off will last until June 15th.

      The Table of Contents for Volume One is below.

      A. Doctrines of Natural Religion
      1. Existence of God
      Sermon 1. Direct Proofs of the Existence of God. - Mark 12:32
      Sermon 2. Atheistical Objections and Schemes of Doctrine considered. -
      Psalm 14:1
      Sermon 3. Comparative Influence of Atheism and Christianity. - Psalm
      2. Unity of God
      Sermon 4. Unity of God. - 1 Corinthians 8:4
      3. Attributes of God
      Sermon 5. Eternity and Immutability of God. - Psalm 102:24-27
      Sermon 6. Omnipresence and Omniscience of God. - Psalm 139:1-12
      Sermon 7. Omnipotence and Independence of God. - Genesis 17:1
      Sermon 8. Benevolence of God, as proved by the Works of Creation and
      Providence. - 1 John 4:8
      Sermon 9. Benevolence of God, as exhibited by Revelation. - 1 John 4:8
      Sermon 10. Justice of God. - Deuteronomy 32:4
      Sermon 11. Truth of God. - Psalm 117:2
      Sermon 12. Mercy of God. - Psalm 103:8
      Sermon 13. Wisdom of God. - 1 Timothy 1:17
      4. Decrees of God
      Sermon 14. Decrees of God. - Job 23:13
      Sermon 15. Same subject continued. - Job 23:13
      5. Sovereignty of God
      Sermon 16. Sovereignty of God. - Jeremiah 10:23
      6. Works of God
      Sermon 17. Heaven. The Air. Starry and Supreme Heavens. - Genesis 1:1
      Sermon 18. Holy Angels, their Rank and Attributes. - Colossians 1:16
      Sermon 19. Holy Angels, their Attributes and Employments. -
      Colossians 1:16
      Sermon 20. The Fallen Angels. - Jude 6
      Sermon 21. Creation of the Earth. - Genesis 1:1
      Sermon 22. Creation of Man. Body. Soul; its Nature. - Genesis 1:26, 27
      Sermon 23. The Soul of Man not material. - Genesis 2:7
      Sermon 24. The Soul of Man not a chain of Ideas and Exercises. -
      Genesis 2:7
      Sermon 25. The Chief End of Man. - 1 Corinthians 10:31
      Sermon 26. The Probation of Man. - Genesis 2:15-17
      Sermon 27. The Temptation and Fall of Man. - Genesis 3:1-6
      Sermon 28. The Sentence pronounced on Man. - Genesis 3:14-19
      Sermon 29. Depravity of Man. Its Universality, proved from Revelation
      and Facts. - Romans 5:12
      Sermon 30. Depravity of Man. Its Universality, proved by Man's
      Rejection of the Word of God. - Jeremiah 8:9
      Sermon 31. Depravity of Man. Its Degree. - Ecclesiastes 8:11
      Sermon 32. Depravity of Man. Its Derivation from Adam. - Romans 5:20
      Sermon 33. Depravity of Man. Remarks. - Romans 6:12
      Sermon 34. Man cannot be justified by works of Law. - Romans 3:20
      1. The Character of Jesus Christ; The Mediator
      Sermon 35. Divinity of Christ. Proved from the Names given to Him. -
      Romans 8:3, 4
      Sermon 36. Divinity of Christ. Proved from the Attributes and Actions
      ascribed to Him. - Romans 8:3, 4
      Sermon 37. Divinity of Christ. Proved from Divine Relations sustained
      by Him, and from Divine Worship required and rendered to Him. -
      Romans 8:3, 4
      Sermon 38. Divinity of Christ. Proof. - This the only ground of
      Consistency in the scheme of Redemption. - Romans 8:3, 4

      Place your order now for either the paperback volume for $18.75 or
      the hardcover for $25.00.

      Call us Toll Free at 1-877-666-9469

      Order on line http://solid-ground-books.com/detail_343.asp
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