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Re: The precision of soundness.

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  • timmopussycat
    This is properly a question for your pastor. What does he say? Tim ... who ... this ... flawed ... the ... arguement ... with
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2005
      This is properly a question for your pastor. What does he say?

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Daniel"
      <ddrost@P...> wrote:
      > Maybe this is something that someone can answer. Most here, I would
      > assume, agree that you have to ban anyone from the Lord's Supper
      > has unsound doctrine and life or lack in believing nessesary
      > doctrines. This is something we have to accept and I agree with it.
      > Of course, what is the standard? But this isn't really my question
      > (although, I would like to find out what that is as well), my
      > question is in the next paragraphs.
      > This line, whatever it is, is something that is scaringly precise.
      > That would mean that if you are one bit too liberal for whatever
      > standard is, then you can't attend the Lord's Supper, and also, if
      > you are one bit legalistic for it then you can't attend the Lord's
      > Supper. Also, if you have one doctrine which contradicts this
      > standard then you can't have the Lord's Supper.
      > This is a reality which I can't resolve because no matter how much
      > you lower the standard it is still JUST AS precise and how can mere
      > men ever do this correctly!!!
      > Some might just say, "Well, we just have to accept that it is
      > in every church and do the best we can." But here is the problem,
      > 1) If this standard can never be properly maintained, and
      > 2) I shouldn't sit at the Lord's Table with any one who violates it
      > or shouldn't sit at it myself if I violate it then,
      > 3) The only logical conclusion I can see is that I can never take
      > Lord's supper!
      > I know that I am missing something, please tell me. Because I know
      > that we will never be perfect and thank God for Christ's blood but
      > how can a christian justify sitting at the Lord's Supper if every
      > christian agrees that no church is perfect? This is not an
      > but a question because I am not trying to argue that christians
      > shouldn't take the Lord's Supper! Remember, I am not struggling
      > the fac that I think a church should have to be perfect but that it
      > should at least perfectly maintain church discipline (and none do).
      > In Christ,
      > Daniel Drost
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