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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Introduction

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  • Fred blahous
    ... Australia, ... are ... recently ... Pastor Comin ... Thanks for the offer, but i was speaking of the Chapel Hill in Brisbane, not North Carolina. If I ever
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 21, 2005
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Bump"
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      > From: "Fred blahous" <fritzbau@y...>
      > > I am a member of the Presbyterian Church in Queensland,
      > > and attend the Browns Plains and the Brisbane City charges where
      > > Rev's Mihailovich, and Dr FN Lee preach. I don't know if there
      > > any covie churches near where I live (Chapel Hill), I had trouble
      > > finding an ordinary conservative Presby congregation in the area.
      > > (There are a lot of apostate Uniting/Lutheran/Anglican sytle
      > > churches in my area, but few sound ones).
      > Dr. Lee is a good man.
      > There is an RPCNA congregation in the Triangle are; they have
      > called a new pastor (they have been wiothout for some months as
      Pastor Comin
      > had to leave).
      > If you like I can dig up some contact info.

      Thanks for the offer, but i was speaking of the Chapel Hill in
      Brisbane, not North Carolina. If I ever get over to the states, I
      will be sure to visit.

      > > Beer: I will have to be the heretic. I HATE warm & dark. I like a
      > > good cold amber beer, either Aussie or German. (the good Aussie
      > > stuff like XXXX, Coopers Ale, and Hahn Ice, not American-style
      > > watered down Fosters!)
      > Give me a few weeks to get this latest batch bottled and aged,
      then I'll
      > have some classic English dak ale (not stout) you could try. Not
      warm, but
      > not too cold to taste, either.

      That does sound interesting. I have never heard of a dark ale before.

      > > Tobacco: I love Lucky or Camel cigs, and also the Honduran
      > I had to give it up, addiction is sin and the claws were deep. I
      > partake for fear of the physical addiction rearing back up.

      Probably wise. What you cannot do in moderation is best avoided. The
      good thing is that it takes zero effort to not do something.

      > > Members: Special thanks to Gerry, Keith Doetzler, Ted Letice,
      > > Anglican Answer, Simon Padbury, Edgar Ibarra, Bishop's Doom (are
      > > the guy who shot Sharpe), Cathie Soles and Knox knox for giving
      > > lots of good meat to chew on over the past three months (Even if
      > > didn't know it).
      > Hmmm, I will try harder. Evidently, from other posts and non-
      answers, I
      > have managed to alienate many on the list. I will attempt to be
      more Godly
      > and acceptable to all. And no, that was not sarcasm.

      I think you have done ok. I just mentioned the first names that pop
      off my head. I thought it strange that some guy on the list asked
      for communion at an RPCNA congregation and then gets mad at them for
      giving it to him. I hate to think how he would react if someone was
      to buy him a present.lol.

      > Larry

      Thanks for the reply and wishing you all the best.

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