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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] On Being Aaron and Hur

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  • Jeff Yelton
    Larry, You are a wonderful, wonderful guy. Jeff Larry Bump wrote: ... From conversations from my Pastor (and friend): 1) Pray for them, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 14, 2005
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      You are a wonderful, wonderful guy.

      Larry Bump <lbump@...> wrote:

      Neil Barham wrote:

      > To this end, I would like some suggestions from
      > the pastors on this list:  How can we befriend,
      > encourage, help, and support you, without
      > getting in your way?

      From conversations from my Pastor (and friend):

      1)  Pray for them, and let them know that you do.

      2)  Ask questions, let them know that you are listening and interested
      in their teaching.  Thank them for their work on the Lord's Day.  If the
      sermon was particularly helpful to you, let him know.

      3)  Ask them how *they* are doing.  A major problem for pastors is that
      they feel that they have no one to turn to, no one sees them as
      vulnerable, they are considered above the problems of the world and not
      needing the same compassion we all  do.

      4)  Do not tolerate back-biting and sniping at the pastor from others.
      remind them that they need to respect the office of Pastor, and if they
      think the pastor was wrong on something they are duty bound to take the
      matter to him.  Either they, or the pastor, needs built up through
      mutual learning and encouragement.

      5)  Be his friend.  Again, too many people see the pastor as outside the
      congregation, and leave him isolated.

      6)  Remember his wife.  She is usually more isolated than he is.  His
      children, too.  The whole family has usually left there hometown and
      extended family to be with you.  The boys need uncles, etc.

      7)  Be with him, even when there aren't any problems.  Invite him to
      dinner on a weekday, and not for a pastoral visit.  Take him fishing.
      Maybe you share his hobbies.

      8)  He is not (usually) an Ivory Tower Academician.  But people treat
      him that way.  Again, pastors need friends, and he is a man, just like

      9)  Support any education efforts he makes.  Maybe he would like to go
      for a new degree, or some more learning.  Is there anything you can do
      to help this?

      10)  Grow in Christ.  Nothing makes a pastor happier than seeing
      positive growth and sanctification in the lives of their charges.

      Hope this helps;


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