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NIV and marketing

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  • bucerian
    Rolling Stone Gets Satisfaction from Feminist Bible Ironically the women-abusing Rock n Roll Industry has now also joined ranks with Rupert Murdock s media
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2005
      Rolling Stone Gets Satisfaction from Feminist "Bible"

      Ironically the women-abusing Rock'n'Roll Industry has now also joined
      ranks with Rupert Murdock's media empire, pushing his feminist
      inclusive language boutique "bible"-- 'Today's New International
      Version', in the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine in the United
      States. Initially, the top US rock'n'roll magazine Rolling Stone
      wisely rejected Murdoch owned Zondervan's advertisement from
      inclusion in their magazine on the grounds that it was religious and
      not their style. Kent Brownridge, general manager of Wenner Media,
      parent company of Rolling Stone, once he saw the actual copy,
      rejected it, complaining that, "it does not quite feel right in the
      magazine." How odd that a worldly publishing executive had the good
      sense to see this, but Zondervan does not! He went on to say, "The
      copy is a little more than an ad for the bible. It's a religious
      message that I personally don't disagree with, a spiritual message in
      the text. We are not in the business of publishing advertising for
      religious messages," so wrote USA Today in their full-page treatment
      of this controversy on 18 January 2005. Zondervan vice-president for
      marketing, Doug Lockhart, replied by saying, "We're really surprised
      and disappointed. Our mission [!?] is more people engaging the bible
      more, and Rolling Stone was a perfect fit for the group we want to
      reach." But this is absurd. Mr. Lockhart has turned what is a sheer
      marketing strategy to push a dumbed-down, neutered "bible" on
      unsuspecting 18-34-year-olds to boost the sales of his product, the
      bottom line goal of which is profits for the Zondervan corporation
      and Rupert Murdoch; and yet he has couched this in the language of
      religious evangelism! Zondervan has no "mission," other than to push
      product. Why use such language? They are not a mission organization,
      but a for-profits part of a multi-national corporate enterprise! The
      story does not end there, however.

      On 25 January 2005 WorldNetDaily.com announced that "In a 180-
      degree switch, Rolling Stone has decided to accept an advertisement
      from a Bible publisher after first rejecting it. Lisa Dallos,
      spokeswoman for Wenner Media, said in a statement: `We have addressed
      the internal miscommunications that led to the previous misstatement
      of company policy and apologize for any confusion it may have
      caused.'" READ: Rupert got out his checkbook and the ad will now

      To this, I recently wrote the editor of Rolling Stone in the
      following terms:

      "Dear Editor, So for how many pieces of silver did you sell the soul
      of Rolling Stone to Rupert Murdoch? He owns Fox propaganda machine
      and Zondervan who produces this `avant garde' designer bible you will
      use your pages to push. Next you will be pimping for the Pope. This
      disgusts me."

      Theodore P. Letis, Ph.D.
      The Institute for
      Renaissance and Reformation
      Biblical Studies
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