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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Digest Number 953

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  • Irene Flewelling
    I love the Psalms, and I d be happy to agree that there are no songs more beautiful. But God gave us poetry and He gave us music, and I have no problem
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2005
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          I love the Psalms, and I'd be happy to agree that there are no songs more beautiful.  But God gave us poetry and He gave us music, and I have no problem whatsoever with popping in a song about someone's love for his child, or for his wife---or a song about springtime---or a song that makes me reflect on how wicked the world is, and thereby, how thankful I am to God for saving me---even if those songs were written by human beings.  If God gives someone a gift in writing and in music, I think they should use it.  Certainly not to write songs intended for public worship.  But a song about God's creation, or about the gifts (like family, love, or friends) that God gives us, can certainly be glorifying to Him, both by the person who writes it, and by myself when I listen to it and find joy in it.  I also have no problem with listening to songs that were simply written to make you laugh (laughter is good, used appropriately, and can refresh you immensely so you're better able to pursure the calling God has given you!), or were written to make you think seriously about something we should think seriously about (death, grief, and so on).  I think it would be sad and wasteful to ignore the fact that uninspired (even secular) songs can be edifying and refreshing. 
      However, as a practical matter, for purposes of recreation, I fail to
      see any
      songs that are worthy of my meditation before the Psalms.  Please cite
      concrete songs you have in mind. 
      Or are you again referring to "entertaining secular" songs?  Which
      songs? Songs
      like "Jimmy Crack Corn"?  Why should I waste time "being entertained"
      by these
      and meditating on them, and filling my brain cells with their words,
      than God's inspired words?  I assume we are talking about lyrical songs
      recreation, not for things like instruction in language, etc.

      I waited for the Lord
      He stooped and heard my cry
      He brought me from the pit
      Out of the dungeon mire
      My feet set on a rock
      My footsteps made secure
      My lips He gave a song
      A song to praise our God

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