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Re: Grant Soles 7/19/1955 - 1/4/2005

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  • Whit
    Indeed, thank you very much for sharing about your father. I am further grateful for the glimpse, through Pastor Price and this forum, of God s Grace in the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 8, 2005
      Indeed, thank you very much for sharing about your father. I am
      further grateful for the glimpse, through Pastor Price and this
      forum, of God's Grace in the saint's life and the blessing that he
      was to others especially his family. I pray that God be with you at
      this time and for His gracious comfort and solace toward your family.


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      > Hi everyone,
      > My dad was taken home to be with his Saviour this past Tuesday
      > morning. He died of malignant Pleural Mesothelioma, which one of
      > the most deadly forms of cancer. He was a testimony of God's
      > to all of us right until the very end. I wanted to share some
      > things with you in the hopes that you too will be blessed and give
      > praise to the Lord for the work that he wrought in Dad's life.
      > Love in Christ,
      > Amanda Price
      > Written by Pastor Greg Price, January 4, 2005
      > Dear Ones,
      > The Lord heard our prayers today and healed our dear brother, Grant
      > Soles, of his cancer once and for all. The Lord took Grant home
      > be
      > with Himself in the glories of heaven at 11 a.m. (PST) January 4,
      > the year of our Lord 2005.
      > We rejoice with Grant that he has been enrolled in heaven among
      > who are members of the Church Triumphant. Grant has ceased from
      > his labor, pain, misery, tribulation, and affliction. He has fully
      > entered into the joy and rest of the Lord. No sin or temptation
      > touch him any longer. He is now beholding the face of His Savior.
      > "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints"
      > 116:15).
      > Cathie will feel the loss of her beloved husband to whom she was
      > married for 29 years. Belinda, Amanda, Tammy, Doralynne, and Jody
      > will feel the loss of their dear father. We will all feel the
      > of
      > a faithful brother in Christ. May our sense of loss make the face
      > Christ and the glory of heaven all the more precious to us as we
      > forward to our heavenly home.
      > Let us particularly remember in prayer Cathie and the girls at this
      > time. "Rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that
      > (Romans 12:15). I'm sure that your letters of encouragement, love,
      > and comfort would be much appreciated at this time. Their
      > email addresses are listed below.
      > Cathie Soles <dsranch@y...>.
      > Belinda Carrico <carricos@t...>.
      > Amanda Price <iamaprice@h...>.
      > Tammy Anderson <okidokismokijo@y...>.
      > Doralynne Dohms <ddohms@w...>.
      > Jody Soles <tellurianiam@y...>.
      > Details as to the day and time of Grant's burial have not yet been
      > determined. When these details become more clear, they will also
      > passed along to all of you.
      > Grant's race here upon earth is finished. Ours continues. Let us
      > run
      > the race that is laid up before us with patience and perseverance
      > ever
      > trusting in Christ , the author and finisher of our faith.
      > Greg Price
      > -------------------------------
      > This was penned by Grant while we were in Southern California in
      > order
      > to attend a Cancer Clinic. Grant loved studying Church History.
      > Nov. 14, 2004
      > I had Cathie read a letter of Samuel Rutherford's to James Hamilton
      > dated July 7, 1637. I was reiterating afterward to her what I had
      > heard, saying that in the affliction of Rutherford having been
      > removed
      > by the Stuart government then 180 miles from his congregation,
      > forbidden to preach, to a place where there were none that
      > could in conscience go and hear, and if I recall forbidden from
      > an act, anyway by authority of the King. Rutherford had finally
      > stopped blaming Providence and began giving thanks in his
      > He had begun to see Christ's smiling face toward him, behind the
      > darkness of his trouble, the Lord chastens every son that He
      > receives.
      > I can't help but think of my trouble; pain makes it ever present.
      > is admittedly very difficult to even blurt out thanksgiving or
      > praise;
      > at times it seems as if all is darkness. Yet at other times
      > on these are easier, more welcome. Things make better sense, the
      > words and actions of brethren are seen as the smiles of Christ.
      > It's all very humbling. We know from Christ's word that the most
      > insignificant act done for even the most insignificant brother or
      > sister is like having been done unto Christ Himself. We know our
      > shame and unfaithfulness, our corruption, our own running and
      > from Him, our excusing ourselves. Our brethren don't know but an
      > infa-decimal fraction of it. But here they smile on us by their
      > and encouragement. That's humbling, for so much favor, yet, how
      > more when Christ, who knows us infinitely better than we do,
      > on
      > us.
      > What blessing! What glory! For all of heaven smiles with Christ.
      > -submitted by Grant's wife of 29 years
      > Cathie-Iris Soles
      > January 7, 2005
      > One of my best friends will be laid to rest today. I wasn't able
      > make it up to be with my family, so I wrote out what I wanted to
      > with the hope that it will give it's readers a glimpse of the man
      > that Dad was. May the Lord use Dad's example to encourage and
      > you on to walk with Him all the remaining days of your life.
      > Amanda Price
      > Please pass this on to any you think would profit from it.
      > ~ Dad ~
      > Dad was not a perfect man, but the Lord who delights to use these
      > weak clay vessels used him so mightily in my life. You see, he was
      > really a Teacher diguised as a mechanic. He never wasted an
      > opportunity to mould and shape my young heart. He taught me to
      > memorize scripture through verse and song. He taught me to love
      > music and how to harmonize. He taught me to play with my children
      > getting down and being our bucking bronco, steam-rolling us, and
      > giving us whisker rubs. I was born with a deformed heel that would
      > often begin aching in the middle of the night. He was always there
      > to rub it until the pain went away. He taught me to make the best
      > what the Lord gives me and that material things and worldly
      > are fleeting. He taught me that worshiping the Lord privately and
      > a family every day is important. He taught me that "the first
      > be last and the last shall be first" and not to promote myself. He
      > taught me to laugh at irony and (unintentionally) that the best
      > thing to do when you feel awkward is be a big goof-ball. He taught
      > me how to fold clothes and that things run better when order
      > He taught me to chew on the ends of Timothy grass and that berry
      > picking was a tasty experience. He taught me self-sacrifice. He
      > taught me to work hard, to serve others with everything in me; to
      > redeem the time by being useful and productive. He taught me to
      > consider my words. He taught me to be quick to make offenses
      > He taught me to be practical. He taught me diligence. He taught me
      > humility. He taught me to be faithful. He taught me to learn from
      > mistakes and to use what I've learned to encourage and build
      > up. He taught me to buy the truth and sell it not, even if it
      > discomfort and alienates you from the rest of the world. He taught
      > me that the Lord hears me and speaks to me through His word; that
      > can go to him as I would to my earthly dad when my heart is heavy.
      > He taught me that I don't have to travel half-way around the world
      > to be a missionary; that the Lord can use me wherever he desires.
      > taught me to rejoice in the Lord and to speak his praises even
      > through trials and incredible suffering. He taught me that God
      > all things well and that His providence is a tremendous comfort.
      > taught me to trust. He taught me to hope. And he taught me to
      > submit.
      > There are so many lessons that I've learned from Dad, but I think
      > his greatest lesson was how to love; how to give of myself with no
      > expectation of anything in return. This he taught by precept, but
      > even more-so by the daily exhibition of it toward my mom, us
      > and all of the people around him who were blessed by God through
      > humble service.
      > Love is long-suffering, kind, doesn't envy, isn't proud or
      > love doesn't behave unseemly, isn't selfish or easily provoked,
      > it thinks no evil; it doesn't rejoice in sin, but rejoices in the
      > truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,
      > endures all things, and it never fails.
      > Dad was a gift from God. I will miss him terribly, but I am so
      > thankful that the Lord was kind enough to bless me with such a
      > father. It was a privilege to be his daughter and I look forward
      > that day when we will be reunited in glory.
      > Amanda Price
      > January 5, 2005
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