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Re: 6 out of seven is slander

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  • princess_of_prayer
    Agreed. I actually understood the language of this post. I think I m pretty tolerant toward other s beliefs. I don t like them, but I don t go around
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Agreed. I actually understood the language of
      this post. <br><br>I think I'm pretty tolerant toward
      other's beliefs. I don't like them, but I don't go around
      trying to change others either. I mean, I could go
      around to all my friends and people and just be like "Do
      this or you'll go to hell" 24-7, but that wouldn't be
      really loving, and everyone would probably hate me more.
      The best way to witness is to show people the love of
      Jesus Christ and NOT to be really intolerant and
      arrogant toward others... But I think you can be too
      tolerant too. I want to have the happy medium, where I can
      be open minded enough to accept the Bible as Truth,
      but close minded enough to stay focused on God.
      <br><br>~~Amy<br><a href=http://princess.surfhere.net target=new>http://princess.surfhere.net</a><br><a href=http://coffeeshop.surfhere.net target=new>http://coffeeshop.surfhere.net</a>
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