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Creating One's Own Reality

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  • Bondage_of_Will
    Sola: Outsidethegate.com states quite clearly that Tolerant-Calvinists are unregenerate. BOW says he doesn t accept that
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Sola:<br><br>"Outsidethegate.com states quite
      clearly that "Tolerant-Calvinists" are unregenerate. BOW
      says he doesn't accept that
      position.<br><br>Reply:<br><br>This is a good lesson in Sola's practice of playing
      fast and loose with other people's words. Can ANYONE
      in the club show me where I ever stated I do not
      accept this position? Sola seems to try and create his
      own reality and then force other people to live
      within the parameters of his dream. <br><br>BOW
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