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Bible translations and reformed churches, White

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    In a message dated 9/30/04 10:41:52 PM Central Daylight Time, ... Chris. The problem with White is he knows that some of the issues Ted deals with and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2004
      In a message dated 9/30/04 10:41:52 PM Central Daylight Time, c_tylor@... writes:

      and that he can accuse a
      LCMS Lutheran of being anti-Trinitarian for the reasons he did is
      pretty incredible all right and makes him look very bad.

           The problem with White is he knows that some of the issues Ted deals with and the stuff he interacts with take time to deal with.
      Ever watch Chris Matthews? or Cross Fire on CNN?
      The format is created to never deal with anything in depth or with explanation or context.
      What is depressing about White is he knows the things he says about Ted Letis are not true and taken out of context and knows the Internet format or the side show circus debate format does not allow for a detailed and in depth explanation of things. And he uses that method for that very reason.
      And he seems to think it is funny.
      To say that a method that Child's of Yale used can be helpful in doing exegesis is not the same thing as advocating Child's understanding of the inspiration of Scripture.
      And White knows this.
      But what person that reads White's web site or talks to him is going to take the time and purchase Ted Letis' book and actually read what was said about Child's "approach" to the text. Not a single person.
      That requires:
      1) Purchasing a book that is not for a generation that grew up on comic books (which White appeals to).
      2) Taking the time to read the book and think about the information, sources, etc.

      If White were to say, "Hey...I don't agree with Dr. Letis' position on this issue. I believe the critical text and the received/majority text are both equally the word of God despite omissions, etc. But he is a trained scholar and knows his stuff. I apologize for calling him anti Trinitarian, calling him a Lutheran theonomist, placing him on the KJV Only part of our site with others like Riplinger and Ruckman, etc knowing he does not hold to their position. I will deal honestly about him and his position. "
      I would be thankful for the above.
      But he doesn't do that. I even asked the Alpha and Omega ministry to make a different category for Ted Letis. And hey...review his work chapter by chapter and offer a scholarly critique.
      Alpha and Omega Ministries will not do it.

      And White responds to criticism about this by playing a martyr.
      He is the "defender" of the gospel and to correct his false statements or point out he misrepresents his ability to deal with the material is met with responses that you are attacking the preaching of the gospel. After all....James White might have said all those things that are not true...but look at all the good he has done? So even if these small sins are true....he is still being used by God.

      He will brush off criticism about this by implying he is busy with the work of the Kingdom, defending truth against cults. So to waste his time with this or to attack his sin is to actually hinder the gospel ministry. Great huh? What a gig.

      And I am sorry. We can all be excused for idiocy. I have been a real idiot at times. and I am sure I will be in the future.
      But James White misrepresented someone directly and by implication and he did it in a format where it was widely read.

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