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prayer requests - job in South Korea

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  • josephylee@aol.com
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, God is good to me when I got accepted to the graduate electrical engineering department at the University of Southern
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2004
      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
      God is good to me when I got accepted to the graduate electrical engineering department at the University of Southern California. Not many engineers can attend a prestigious graduate engineering program like USC where it ranked 6th in the nation overall. The Administration at USC told me that I might get my MS degree from the electrical engineering department without any problems by the end of this week. However, let's wait until the fat lady sings. They are still debating whether or not my 4 units should count for my MS degree.
      I need to get my MS degree as soon as possible so that I can start working in South Korea at Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Please continue to pray that I will leave the United States by December of 2004 and start my job by January 2005. Also, please pray that I will stay at Samsung at South Korea for a two straight years from January 2005 to January 2007 without any setbacks. Please pray that I will somehow write a research engineering paper for Samsung before I go back to Samsung's San Jose branch by January 2007. I am hoping that the San Jose economy will be revitalized by then. Samsung has a R&D facility at San Jose, but it was closed down by the slow American economy. Please keep me in your prayers.
      Last, I want God to develop my calling to be a deacon or elder. I have not received any confirmation from other believers that I might be called. I do feel called from my Bible and from my heart. It is my hope that I will serve the church as a deacon or elder after I worked at Samsung Electro-Mechanics for two years.
      In Christ,
      Joseph Yosuk Lee
      8th Grade Sunday School Teacher
      Cerritos Presbyterian Church at Artesia, California

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