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Re: Calvinism, the real truth!

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  • Bondage_of_Will
    Raging: If I made such an unfounded accusation as the above against Raging_Calvinist, would this be acceptable behavior? No it wouldn t. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Raging:<br><br>"If I made such an unfounded
      accusation as the above against Raging_Calvinist, would this
      be acceptable behavior?"<br><br>No it wouldn't. In
      fact, I'm questioning the propriety of the very example
      you provided.<br><br>But your point is taken, and I
      believe your point is valid.<br><br>Reply:<br><br>Raging,
      you stated that my making such an unfounded PUBLIC
      accusation of you for flagrantly violating the 7th
      commandment would be totally unacceptable. In fact, I do
      believe that my doing so would either result in immediate
      dismissal from the club or public repentance would be
      DEMANDED in order for my continuance herein.
      <br><br>Again, the quote:<br><br>"UNLESS I�M MISTAKEN,
      BOW...believes that they were �Tolerant-Calvinists� who are now
      in Hell"<br><br>Solagracia5 has PUBLICLY accused me
      of not flagrantly violating the 7th commandment,
      which is the second table of the law. He has falsely
      and without ANY evidence whatsoever (notice he
      doesn't even PRETEND to offer any evidence) of flagrantly
      violating the FIRST commandment of the FIRST table of God's
      holy law! ANYONE who states or intimates that he knows
      ANY man has died and gone to hell is arrogating to
      himself the very judgment seat of Christ! Only God knows
      those who are in heaven (since He can grant faith a
      second before the sinner dies), and to pass this kind of
      judgment against ANY man who has died (except those God
      has told us in His word are reprobates)is most
      heinous sin against God. But this is what Sola accuses me
      of and without an ounce of evidence. <br>Again,
      "UNLESS I'M MISTAKEN" gets him off the hook no more than
      if I said the same thing in my example against
      Raging Calvinist. <br><br>Raging, you said that my point
      is valid--that Sola's PUBLIC slander is no more
      acceptable that mine would have been against you. So are you
      going to turn the other way and accept it after
      admitting it is totally unacceptable? Please answer.
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