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Burgon on Rome

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    P. 144-145 The Lives of 12 Good Men Burgon writes, Above all, let them beware of resorting to strange expedients for the recovery of peace within, or for
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      P. 144-145 "The Lives of 12 Good Men" Burgon writes,

      "Above all, let them beware of resorting to strange expedients for the recovery of peace within, or for the procuring of safety from without. Away, especially, with the preposterous imagination that some sort of union may yet be patched up with the Apostate Church of Rome! Rome, in England's day of greatest trouble, will prove to be England's deadliest for. And does she not lie unmistakably under the tremendous curse of God? .........
      .....It is Rome that hath severed herself from England,-not England from Rome; she that is un-catholic, not we: witness her two latest acts of Apostasy, -the dogma of 'the Immaculate Conception' of the Blessed Virgin, and the dogma of the Pope's 'Infallibility.' What would the ancient Catholic Fathers,- Athanasius, and the two Gregories, Chrysostom, and Cyril; Cyprian, and Ambrose, and Augustine and Leo, -have said to Rome now? When the evil day comes, our greatest source of weakness (I grieve to know it) will be our own "unhappy divisions,"-the fruit, to some extent, it must be sorrowfully admitted, of the fatal misdirection given to the Tractarian movement at the end of about two years after its beginning; namely in 1836........
      ....Supremely careful to 'strengthen the things which remain,' men will be content to let our Book of Common Prayer alone.........
      ......So only  may the men of a coming generation reasonably cherish the conviction that although every human help shall fail them, yet, inasmuch as this our branch of the Church Catholic unquestionably holds God's Truth, it will never be by God Himself forsaken, nor indeed seem to be by Him forgotten long. That rain may descend, and the floods may come, and the winds may blow, and beat upon this House. But it cannot fall; because it is grounded upon a rock. 'And that Rock is Christ.' "
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