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Re: Calvinism, the real truth!

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  • Bondage_of_Will
    Solagracia5: UNLESS I�����M MISTAKEN, BOW won�����t say that because he believes that they were �����Tolerant-Calvinists����� who are now in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1 12:10 AM
      Solagracia5:<br><br>UNLESS I�M MISTAKEN, BOW
      won�t say that because he believes that they were
      �Tolerant-Calvinists� who are now in Hell<br><br>Reply:<br><br>I have a
      question to ask all the members of the club, and
      especially the moderator. Would it be an acceptable practice
      in this club if I were to say the following with NO
      evidence whatsoever to support my
      contention?<br><br>"UNLESS I AM MISTAKEN, Raging_Calvinist is a pedophile
      who has recently had sexual relations with the
      following children:"<br><br>1. Gary Taylor<br>2. Melissa
      Jones<br>3. Marla Feinstein<br>4. Bruce Davis<br>5. Tina
      Smith<br>6. Fred Weaver<br>7. Linda Foster<br><br>And then
      one of the members of the list says, "I know for
      certain that Raging_Calvinis has NOT had sexual relations
      with Bruce Davis." And then I reply by saying, "So I
      got 6 out of 7. Not bad!"<br><br>Of course,
      unfoundedly accusing a person of any time of fornication (or
      saying with NO basis "Unless I'm mistaken he is guilty
      of fornication") is not nearly so heinous an offense
      as accusing anyone (as Solagracia5 has accused BOW)
      of arrogating to himself the very judgment seat of
      Christ!!<br><br>If I made such an unfounded accusation as the above
      against Raging_Calvinist, would this be acceptable
      behavior? Will at least the moderator reply to this?
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