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  • thebishopsdoom
    (Continued) I presume you may sometimes struggle with loneliness. Loneliness comes with its own sets of temptations, and these are just warnings. 1.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
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      (Continued)<br>I presume you may sometimes
      struggle with loneliness. Loneliness comes with its own
      sets of temptations, and these are just warnings. 1.
      Loneliness can take away one's motivation to do menial day
      to day tasks. In severe emotional trauma, it is
      quite natural if one takes a little while to get back
      into the swing of things, but for the person that is
      day to day lonely, it is a bad habit to start. First,
      it doesn't really help, and though you think it
      will, it will actually hinder things in the long run.
      Secondly, it can become a snare for slothfulness, which is
      unbecoming the Christian. 2. Loneliness has a tendency to
      become addictive. How can one become addicted to what
      they hate? It is not hard to find out. People
      sometimes when lonely or depressed or engaging in self
      loathing are really indulging in a selfish love of self.
      They don't want to feel better because they still
      don't have what you want. It is natural to grieve a
      loss, it is selfishness to refuse to heal from an
      absence because you don't have what you want. 3.
      Loneliness can in some cases create an increased temptation
      for lust. The opposite of loneliness really is
      intimacy, and as young men in general struggle with lust,
      loneliness can for some people increase a lust for physical
      intimacy. But though I am single myself and can not speak
      from experience, I do know from others (and it makes
      good sense anyway) that physical intimacy not only
      makes a poor substitute for emotional / spiritual
      intimacy with another, but without the latter, physical
      intimacy isn't much of anything at all, and can make one's
      loneliness just increase. Further, while marriage (the
      proper state for romantic touching) is good and often
      people who didn't really like being single that much
      find marriage a wonderful experience, if you have an
      intimacy problem, marriage won't solve it. In fact, it
      will just make it more apparent and more troublesome
      over the long haul. So as it is good advice for young
      men to guard their thoughts and to be careful what
      they see or do, so much the more is it needful for
      persons to whom loneliness may give increased opportunity
      for temptations of the flesh.<br>Again, prayer and
      the Word are important. And as I stated, wiser it is
      to pray for your self to be more friendly than to
      pray others to start being friendly to you. Because
      without the former, you won't be friendly back, but
      rather afraid, and their attempts at friendship could
      wither quickly away. Rather pray for friendliness, the
      opportunity to be friendly, and for the Spirit to help prompt
      you and fill you with boldness when an opportunity
      arises to just show yourself friendly. Just be friendly
      for their sakes, and take your eyes off of yourself.
      Sometimes kindnesses to another can be a reward in itself.
      And usually in time, you will be surprised to se that
      people are willing to reciprocate the kindnesses back,
      and you might just make a few friends. Again, this is
      pretty general advice, but maybe something will be
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