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    Simplifying: Was John the Baptist in sin to preach to the fields of people??? why or why not? Yet further our Lord Jesus did this Himself preach onto the
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      Was John the Baptist in sin to preach to the fields of people??? why or why not?
      Yet further our Lord Jesus did this Himself preach onto the masses in the open fields, was He in sin to have done this??? Of course not!!! Christ could never have sinned...why because God can not sin. And if anyone on the list thinks that Christ could have sinned....well that is another topic.
      So simply;
      The field preachers of Scotland, followed Christ's example...preaching in the open fields, although being careful to have the people of that area call them to preach unto them... never going to preach or teach without prior invite to my knowledge...because they were Presbyterian in their governing of themselves.
      This was Cameron's stand to follow and preach as ***Christ had***. The people called him and others to preach in the fields, for they the people thought the Lord had removed His blessing, His Spirit from the preaching of those who had compromised, compromised for all manners of reason...be it to stop the persecution from the King, or to try to give a united front... or plan well just wanting carry on the work in the church in peace.
      Cameron was not present at Bothwell's Bridge, and though he was in Holland he was sentenced as if he had been present at the Bridge....just as years later Margaret Wilson just eighteen years of age Feb. 1685 , was sentenced for being at Bothwell Bridge. She was also sentenced for being at twenty field conventicles and twenty house conventicles in the Airds Moss area...though it was well known by all in her community, that she had never been near any of those, and that she would have been only twelve or thirteen years old at time of Bothwell.
      Read again this account from the Kirk Session of Penninghame. February 19th 1711.
      after about three months of imprisonment the two Margarets had their sentence of death meted out.
      Upon the 11th day of May, 1685, these two women, Margaret M'Lachlan and Margaret Wilson, were brought forth to execution. They did put the old woman first into the water, and when the water was overflowing her, they asked Margaret Wilson what she thought of her in that case? She answered: `What do I see but Christ wrestling there? Think ye that we are sufferers? No, it is Christ in us, for he sends none a warfare on their own charges.' Margaret Wilson sang Psalm xxv, from the 7th verse, read the eighth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, and did pray, and then the water covered her.

      But before her breath was quite gone, they pulled her up and held her till she could speak, and then asked her if she would pray for the king. She answered that she wished the salvation of all men, but the damnation of none. Some of her relations being on the place cried out, `She is willing to conform,' being desirous to save her life at any rate. Upon which Major Winram offered the oath of abjuration to her either to swear it or return to the waters.

      She refused it, saying, `I will not, I am one of Christ's children, let me go.' And then they returned her into the water, where she finished her warfare, being a virgin martyr of eighteen years of age, suffering death for her refusing to swear the oath of abjuration and hear the curates.

      How can I not stand with Christ??? Or with these Martyrs???

      humbly submitted


      communicant member rpna <-----spelled properly this time, I hope...<grin>

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