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Re: Lightfoot no preterist?

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  • gmw
    To be fair, (as far as I can tell) Lightfoot did have a preterist view of Matthew 24, of Daniel, and of Revelation. Yes, Lightfoot called Rome antichrist,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
      To be fair, (as far as I can tell) Lightfoot did have a preterist view of Matthew 24, of Daniel, and of Revelation.  Yes, Lightfoot called Rome "antichrist," but neither do preterists deny that -- Lightfoot, in the same sermon you quote identifies civil Rome with the Beast, and the Papacy with "the image of the Beast," as if to say that the Pope is the image of the first wicked Roman dictator. In the same sermon, he explains his view that Daniel's prophecies go up to Christ's first Advent AND NO FURTHER, and that Revelation picks up from there and GOES NO FURTHER BACK, intending that the destruction of Jerusalem is included in the prophecies of Revelation.  Don't Lightfoot's notes on the Assembly procedings exist?  I'd be interested to see if he has anything regarding the Article identifying the Pope as THE man of sin, THE antichrist.
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      To pick up slightly on a former thread, J. Owen wasn't a Preterist, and
      neither was John Lightfoot, the Westminster Divine.
      Quoting from James Reid's Memoirs of the Westminster Divines, p64 of Vol II,
      in an undated sermon preached before the House of Commons, "...That Christ
      and Antichrist are plainly the seed of the woman, and the seed of the
      serpent...he who will seek to make conjunction of Rome and us, will marry
      light and darkness, God and the Devil, Christ and Antichrist together, and
      make friendship between those, between whom God himself hath doomed an
      enmity while the world endureth... Let scattered Popery never cloud us
      again, nor superstition overwhelm us.  Let Religion and the Gospel be in all
      our borders, and peace and truth in all our times."
      Another sermon in the same time period  on Rev. XX:1,2, referring to
      Daniel's prophecy compared with John the Apostle's, ...And where the beloved
      prophet concludeth, the beloved disciple begins, and shews the state and the
      persecutors of the Christian church, from the destruction of Jerusalem to
      the end of the world, and revealeth a new Jerusalem coming down from heaven
      when the old one on earth is destroyed, and one persecuting monarchy and
      state of Rome equalling in mischief and cruelty against the church all the
      four that had gone before it."
      Lightfoot was a man known for his own ideas and interpretations, but this
      isn't any kind of Preterist talk; he kind of sounds alot like Owen, and all
      the rest, who were recent benefactors of being removed from Antichristian
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      > It sure did!  Thank you for your work in compiling this stuff.
      > gmw.
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