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John Owen NO preterist, more quotations.

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  • Martin
    Anyone who has read Owen at length knows just how ridiculous it is to claim that he was a preterist. There are so many quotes which prove the opposite; here
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      Anyone who has read Owen at length knows just how ridiculous it is to claim
      that he was a preterist. There are so many quotes which prove the opposite;
      here are some of them:

      "Papal usurpation upon these offices of Christ manifests the pope to be the
      Man of Sin."
      Works, Vol. 1, pp. 610

      "There are two sorts of men that I find exceedingly ready to extenuate and
      lessen the superstition and popish tyranny of the former days, into which we
      were falling....[1.] The darling errors of late years were all of them
      stones of the old Babel, closing and coupling with that tremendous fabric
      which the man of sin had erected to dethrone Jesus Christ, - came out of the
      belly of that Trojan horse, that fatal engine, which was framed to betray
      the city of God. They were popish errors, such as whereof that apostasy did
      consist which only is to be looked upon as the great adverse state of the
      kingdom of the Lord Christ. For a man to be disorderly in a civil state..."
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 39..40

      "Now, who would not have thought, that his standing up with all earnestness
      for the truth would not have been the ruin of the devil's kingdom of
      darkness, and almost have spoiled the plot of the mystery of iniquity? when
      the truth is, the largest steps that ever the man of sin took towards his
      throne was by usurping of power to suppress errors and heresies."
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 85

      "Furthermore, by the ways which were invented, oft from the rule, for the
      extirpation of errors, when, by the instigation of prelates, the emperors
      were (to their own ruin) persuaded to them, the man of sin walked to his
      throne. Those very laws, edicts, and declarations, which were obtained
      against erring persons, did the bishops of Rome invert and use against all
      the witnesses of Jesus."
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 227

      "And indeed, had not the god of this world blinded their eyes, and the God
      of the spirits of all flesh hardened their hearts, they would not have so
      given up their power to the man of sin as to be made so sordidly
      instrumental to his bloody cruelty."
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 245

      "For my part, I see no farther into the MYSTERY of these things but that I
      could heartily rejoice, that, innocent blood being expiated, the Irish might
      enjoy Ireland so long as the moon endureth, so that Jesus Christ might
      possess the Irish. But God having suffered those sworn vassals of the man of
      sin to break out into such ways of villany as render them obnoxious unto
      vengeance, upon such rules of government amongst men as he hath appointed;"
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 286

      "What, I pray, hath been their main business for seven hundred years and
      upwards, - even almost ever since the man of sin was enthroned? How have
      they earned the titles, Eldest Son of the Church, The Catholic and Most
      Christian King, Defender of the Faith, and the like? Hath it not been by the
      blood of saints?"
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 318

      "There have been two most famous and remarkable changes of the government of
      these nations; and into both of them what an influence the pope had, is
      easily discernible. The first was between the years 400 and 500 after
      Christ, when the Roman empire of the west - that which withheld the man of
      sin from acting his part to the life (2 Thessalonians 2:6,7.) - was shivered
      pieces by many barbarous nations;"
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 320

      "Now, such is all the invented idolatrous worship which the kings of the
      earth have sucked in from the cup of fornication held out to them in the
      hand and by the authority of the Roman whore; this still they cleave close
      unto, and will not hearken to the angel preaching the everlasting gospel,
      that men should worship Him who made the heavens, and the earth, and the
      sea, and the fountains of waters, Revelation 14:6, , - that is, the God of
      heaven in Jesus Christ, - in opposition to all their iconolatry, artolatry,
      hagiolatry, staurolatry, and mass abominations. This, then, must also be
      removed;...The second thing he hath to accomplish is the tremendous, total
      destruction of Babylon, (Psalm 137:8,9; Isaiah 47:7-9) the man of sin, and
      all his adherents, that are not obedient to the heavenly call, Revelation
      18:4. (Jeremiah 51:25,26; Revelation 17:1,2; Zechariah 2:7; Jeremiah 51:6)"
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 323

      "This is certain, that all nations whatever, which in their present state
      and government have given their power to the dragon and the beast to oppose
      the Lord Christ withal, shall be shaken, broken, translated, and turned off
      their old foundations and constitutions, into which the antichristian
      interest hath been woven for a long season. God will shake the heavens and
      the earth of the nations round about, until all the Babylonish rubbish, all
      their original engagements to the man of sin, be taken away."
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 448

      "But never was there a more horrid, deformed image made of so beautiful and
      glorious a head: all the craft of Satan, all the wits of men, cannot invent
      any thing more unlike Christ, as the head of the church, than this Pope is.
      A worse figure and representation of him cannot possibly be made. This is
      he of whom nothing not great, nothing common, nothing not exceeding the
      ordinary state of mankind, on the one hand or the other, is thought or
      spoken. Some say he is "the head and husband of the church," "the vicar of
      Christ over the whole world," "God's vicegerent," "a vice-god," "Peter's
      successor," "the head and center of unity" unto the whole catholic church,
      endued with a plenitude of power, with other ascriptions of the same nature
      innumerable; whereon it is necessary unto every soul, under pain of
      damnation, to be subject unto him; - others aver that he is "antichrist,"
      "the man of sin," "the son of perdition," "the beast that came out of the
      earth with two horns like a lamb, and a voice like the dragon," "the false
      prophet," "the idol shepherd," "the evil servant that beateth his
      fellow-servants," "the adulterer of a meretricious and false church:" and
      there is no mean betwixt these; - he is undoubtedly the one or the other."
      Works, Vol. 8, pp. 666

      "Hence were those many false prophets, dreamers, and wizards mentioned in
      the Old Testament, which the Lord himself forewarns us of; as also those
      agents of that man of sin, "whose coming is after the working of Satan, with
      all power and signs and lying wonders," 2 Thessalonians 2:9. I mean the
      juggling priests and Jesuits, pretending falsely by their impostures to the
      power of miracle-working,"
      Works, Vol. 13, pp. 50

      "Briefly: either the thing is a lie, and so it is easy to feign miracles; or
      the performance of it is pure juggling, and so it is easy to delude poor
      mortals. Innumerable of this sort, at the beginning of the Reformation, were
      discovered among the agents of that
      wonder-working "man of sin,""
      Works, Vol. 13, pp. 51

      "Now, that the temple of God hath been thus made a den of thieves, that the
      abomination of desolation hath been set up in the holy place, is evident
      from the Jewish and Christian church; for in the one it was clearly so when
      the government of it was devolved to the scribes and Pharisees, and in the
      other when the man of sin had exalted himself in the midst thereof."
      Works, Vol. 13, pp. 56

      "His plea for the church-authority of the pope, notwithstanding his being an
      idolater, a murderer, the man of sin, an adversary of Christ, because a
      civil magistrate doth not by any moral crime, or those whereof the pope is
      Works, Vol. 13, pp. 359

      "That which is called the "infant state of churches" was, in truth, their
      sole perfect estate; - what they grew up unto afterward, most of them, we
      know well enough; for leaving, as it is called, their "infant state" by
      degrees, they brought forth at last "The man of sin.""
      Works, Vol. 13, pp. 428

      "And in respect of these enemies of his, Christ is still "he that is to
      come;" and as such is believed in, and his coming prayed for by all the
      saints. For he is to destroy the man of sin, the head of that apostasy, "by
      the brightness of his coming.""
      Works, Vol. 22, pp. 723

      "(3.) That this last persecution of the church under the old testament, by
      Antiochus, was typical of the last persecution of the Christian church under
      Antichrist, as is evident unto all that compare the prophecy of Daniel,
      Daniel 8:9-14, 23-25, 11:36-39, with that of the Revelation in sundry
      places. And indeed the Martyrologies of those who have suffered under the
      Roman Antichrist are a better exposition of this context than any that can
      be given in words."
      Works, Vol. 23, pp. 245

      "And therefore, whilst the fatal apostasy of the western world, under the
      Roman antichrist, was contriving, carrying on, and heightening, till it came
      to its discovery and ruin, he stirs not at all with his old engines, which
      had brought in a revenue of obedience to his kingdom in no measure
      proportionable to this, which by this new device he found accruing to him."
      Works, Vol. 22, pp. 25

      "So hath he dealt with many other places, and in particular, notwithstanding
      their boasting, with the city of Rome, some time a seat of the gospel, now
      the throne of antichrist."
      Works, Vol. 21, pp. 372

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