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[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Recognition of the man of sin is a TEST

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  • gmw
    ... Keith, Your background is very much like mine. I came up in an independent, fundamentalist, dispensationalist Baptist church. My reformation came by
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 30, 2004
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Keith Dotzler"
      <keipen@c...> wrote:

      > Having been an Arminian, pre-trib futurist, and dispensationalist
      > for 11 years, prior to 2002, I believed and participated in many
      > unbiblical things (sung hymns to music, celebrated xmas, Easter,
      > bought almost the entire "Left Behind" series of books, excepting
      > those that came out after my eyes were opened to the things
      > enumerated below, etc).


      Your background is very much like mine. I came up in an independent,
      fundamentalist, dispensationalist Baptist church. My reformation
      came by piecemail, as I, topic by topic, began re-evaluating the
      positions I had been taught. First, soteriologically I became a
      Calvinist. Then, as I remember it, I was convinced of exclusive
      acapella psalmody, and along with my beloved hymns I threw out
      unwarranted holidays. The last position I remember maintaining
      against historic Protestantism was anti-pedobaptism. Just prior to
      that, again, if I'm remembering correctly, I concluded that the
      Papacy was the predicted Antichrist.

      > Quite simply, I have IMMERSED myself into finding out what the
      > saints that preceded us believed, and WHY they believed it. I have
      > thoroughly done my homework, though there is much I need to learn
      > yet.

      And the WHY is just as important as the WHAT, in my opinion, lest we
      believe ONLY based on the testimony of man, and not on the testimony
      of Scripture. Of course, we hold to both the testimony of man, AND
      the testimony of Scripture, WHEN THEY ARE IN AGREEMENT, and each in
      their proper place (the testimony of man subordinate to the testimony
      of Scripture). Remember the woman at the well? She went to her town
      and told them about Jesus, and they believed her testimony. And then
      they heard Jesus, and believed because of Christ's own testimony,
      John 4:39-42.

      > I even went to a Presbyterian church a while back. I almost
      > puked.

      Tell me about it! I went to one, thinking it's safe because it's
      Presbyterian, and was very disappointed (to say the least) to have to
      listen to a woman preacher giving a "message" which was not based on
      Scripture in anyway whatsoever, on the history of the Reformed
      Faith! They gave lip-service to Luther and Knox, which I do not
      doubt that either of them would have tolerated the garbage I heard
      and saw there. Honestly, had I not known better I'd have thought I
      was in a Papist Church.

      > Not only did they sing hymns to a pipe organ (having been raised
      > Roman Catholic, that scared the daylights out of me!), but they
      > also didn't believe in a papal man of sin!

      Even of those churches that do recognize that Harlot, far too many
      continue to dress exactly like her.

      > I hope this short testimony has helped answer any questions you may
      have about me.

      Thank you for sharing this with us. I invite others also to share
      their story of their Reformation. It may tend towards some very
      edifying discussion.

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