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Re: John Owen NO preterist

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  • gmw
    I would also like to share the following snippets from Owen s The State and Fate of the Protestant Religion, wherein he clearly states that the Papacy is the
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      I would also like to share the following snippets from Owen's "The
      State and Fate of the Protestant Religion," wherein he clearly states
      that the Papacy is the predicted Antichrist and Man of Sin, and also
      touches upon the danger of trying to divert that charge to somewhere
      other than the Church of Rome:

      "As the name Protestant is distinctive with respect unto some
      other pretended profession of Christian religion, so it derives this
      denomination from them who in all ages, after the apostasy of the
      church of Rome came to be expressly antichristian, departed from the
      communion of it, opposed it, reformed themselves, and set up the true
      worship of God according unto the degrees and measures of gospel light
      which they had received.

      "This was done successively in a long tract of time, through sundry
      ages, until, by an accession of multitudes, princes and people, unto
      the same profession, they openly testified and protested against the
      papal apostasy and tyranny; whence they became to be commonly called
      Protestants. And the principles whereon they all of them proceeded
      from first to last, which constitute their religion as protestant,
      were these that follow: —

      "1. That there are in the Scripture, prophecies, predictions, and
      warnings, especially in the book of the Revelation and the Second
      Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Thessalonians, that there should be
      a great apostasy or defection in the visible church from the faith,
      worship, and holiness of the gospel; and, in opposition unto what was
      appointed of Christ, the erection of a worldly, carnal, antichristian
      church-state, composed of tyranny, idolatry, and persecution, which
      should for a long time oppress the true worshippers of Christ with
      bloody cruelty, and at last be itself "consumed with the spirit of his
      mouth, and destroyed by the brightness of his coming."

      "This defection was so plainly foretold, as also the beginning of it,
      in a "mystery of iniquity," designed even in the days of the apostles,
      that believers in all ages did expect the accomplishment of it by the
      introduction of an antichristian state and power, though the manner of
      it was hidden from them, until it was really fulfilled. I say, from
      the days of the apostles, and the giving out of those prophecies and
      predictions of the coming of antichrist and an apostate church-state
      with him, all Christians in all ages did believe and expect that it
      should come, until its real coming, in a way and manner unexpected,
      confounded their apprehensions about it."

      --big snip--

      "As unto the internal part of religion, in doctrines of faith, there
      is no small advance towards a reconciliation, in the introduction of
      novel opinions into the protestant profession; for although, on their
      first entrance among us, they were publicly protested against by the
      Commons of England in parliament, as introductory of Popery, yet their
      prevalency since hath been so great as that their abettors are ready
      to avow them as the doctrine of the present church. Yet are they all
      of them opposite unto the fundamental principles of the Reformation,
      which were to exalt the grace of God and debase the pride of men; from
      the contempt of which principles all the abominations of the Papacy
      did arise. And this progress towards a reconciliation is daily
      improved by the endeavors of some to lessen all the doctrinal
      differences between the Papists and Protestants, and to make them
      appear as things not worth the striving or contending about.

      "The same work is carried on by the labors and endeavors of many in
      their public writings to divert the making application of Scripture
      prophecies and predictions of an apostatical, antichristian
      church-state unto the church of Rome. The persuasion hereof (as it is
      a most undoubted truth, wherein the souls of men are concerned) is the
      principal means of preserving the body of the people in an aversation
      unto Popery. If you can once persuade them that the pope is not
      antichrist, that the church of Rome is not that idolatrous, tyrannical
      state foretold in the Scripture, many would be very indifferent how
      you treat with them, or what composition you shall make for
      yourselves. But it is hoped that the broad light which ariseth from
      the evidence the pope and his church for many ages have given of
      themselves so to be, by their idolatries, persecutions, murders,
      Luciferian pride, trampling on the power and persons of kings and all
      sorts of persons, in conjunction with the characteristical notes of
      times, places, rise, progress, nature, and actings of that
      church-state in the Scripture, will not easily be extinguished.

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