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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: 4th of July festivities

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  • RfmdPres
    ... In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. There are still stores and restaurants in our area that close on the Lord s Day, so that s good. ... I think that s all
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 2, 2004
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      Dan Fraas wrote:
      That is good.  Where do you live?  
      In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  There are still stores and restaurants in our area that close on the Lord's Day, so that's good. 
      Here we can only have ground-fireworks.  Anything that shoots is 
      illegal.  The cops patrol the border with Wyoming to catch people who 
      go there to buy fireworks.

      I think that's all we can have here, but if you spend a bit of money (I wouldn't, but my older children have jobs and use their own money) you can get some really nice ones. 

      That's an interesting story.  I know some Air Force Security Forces.  
      One fella told me about another SF troop who was riding in a patrol 
      car in Compton, Los Angeles for some kind of exchange program.  It 
      was 31 December, and just before midnight they pulled underneath an 
      overpass.  The AF fella wondered why, until the clock struck midnight 
      and he heard the largest barrage of small arms gunfire he'd ever 
      heard coming from all over town!  Talk about dangerous celebrations!

      Depending on where you are in Chicagoland, they have the same thing.  I'll never forget our first New Year's Eve in Melrose Park.  Vince and I had gone to bed already since we got up early for church, but we were awakened by gunfire.  We looked out our window and saw people darting out in alleys firing guns up in the air.  Vince said we better move away from the window just in case, and we did.  The following year we had new neighbors downstairs (we lived in a two-flat and had the upstairs apt.) and we were laughing thinking how surprised they'd be.  Were we ever surprised when we looked out the window at midnight and saw our obviously drunk neighbor come staggering out leaning on his brother and carrying a BIG gun which he then proceeded to start shooting.  Needless to say, we got away from the window in a hurry.
      Back to the 4th of July:  one year there weren't any local fireworks.  It was the year Joey "Bag a donuts" was busted by the ATF guys.  It made the front pages of our local paper.  He was a small-time celebrity since he was on a television commercial doing a little dance advertising for a radio station.
      Also in our village there was a feast every year.   We didn't realize the significance at the time (that it was a papist religious festival), but would go for the food and the rides.  The local mob bosses would be there with their bodyguards, who always made sure everyone could see their shoulder harnesses.  It's really a different world there.  Lancaster County is VERY tame in comparison.  :-)

      Blessings in  Christ,
      wife to Vince and mom to five boys and a girl
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