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Re: Huge shake ups within the Presbyterian & Reformed community

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  • Dan Fraas
    ... and in some way it will affect us, however minute that may be. ... Reformed News edited by Robert Shapiro & Frank J. Smith, both part of the original
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 9, 2004
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Edgar Ibarra
      <puritanpresbyterian@y...> wrote:
      > Brethren,
      > I write this to all of you as I am sure you will be interested
      and in some way it will affect us, however minute that may be.
      > I just received the latest edition of the "Presbyterian &
      Reformed News" edited by Robert Shapiro & Frank J. Smith, both part
      of the original founders of the Presbyterian Church in America
      (PCA). This edition is overloaded!
      > 1. The Reformed Church of the United States (RCUS) in their 258th
      Synod of this year ruled (without dissent) that the doctrine of
      Justification by Faith Alone as taught by Norman Shepard to
      be "Another Gospel" and that they "admonish and call upon him to
      repent of his grevious errors"..."That the Reformed Church in the US
      recognize these Romish, Arminian, and Socinian errors for what they
      are, and urge our brethren throughout the world to reject them and
      refuse those who hold them." They stop short of calling him a
      heretic (at least the newspaper does not mention it, if they did).
      They go on to cite how the OPC has been the denomination that has
      mostly imbibed this doctrine and are now setting their sights on N.
      T. Wright and what has become known as the "Federal Vision" of the
      Auburn Avenue perspective. They have mandated a committe to study
      these "new" doctrines and to make an official ruling.

      Yes, and I was glad to see this from the RCUS. My church, the OPC,
      also made a statement affirming the confessional doctrine of
      justification at the ongoing G. A. She appointed a commitee to study
      the "New Perspectives on Paul" and "Federal Vision", which will
      report back at the next G. A. Don't forget that Shephard left the
      OPC for a more liberal church because he couldn't stand the heat.
      Doubtless he would be convicted today if he were still in the OPC.

      God bless,


      > 2. I think this is a bigger surprise...FRANK J. SMITH has left the
      PCA!!! One of the original founders of the PCA! He has joined with
      the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church that is in Sheboygan, WI
      which congregation is engaged in merger talks "with two other groups,
      including the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Hanover Presbytery." Mr.
      Smith has been examined and approved by the Hanover Presbytery.
      > 3. Robert Shapiro wrote an articule entitled "Whither the PCA?".
      In it he sums up the corruption in the PCA:
      > "In short, the PCA, in our view, is theologically, structurally,
      liturgically, judicially, and politically corrupt. These are the
      issues which we have tried to raise over the past nine years in the
      columns of this publication."
      > This edition has chaulk full of info and examples of how NOT to
      conduct Presbyterial gov't by citing what the PCA has done. They
      also expose Doug Wilson and his "lying, obstruction of Justice, and
      misusing benevolence funds". 6.5 pages worth!
      > 4. This is the final edition of the "Presbyterian & Reformed News"
      paper. With Mr. Smith's departure and other reasons cited in the
      paper they will no longer publish. They write in the paper that the
      PCA is about a generation or two away from becoming what she tried to
      escape from, -- a liberal church.
      > I will bring the paper to the event we are having in Albany this
      Saturday so that those who are present may read it for themselves.
      I find this paper very informative and practical for us all.
      > May we continue to pray for the untiy of Christ' s Church, a unity
      not based on expediancy and latitudinarianism, but on the Truth as
      expressed in the Word of God and formulated in the Covenants and our
      Church Standards!
      > Yours in Christ,
      > Edgar
      > www.albanycrpc.org www.ecn.ab.ca/prce
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