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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Covenanter Quiz

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  • thebishopsdoom
    ... Well, unless I m mistaken, this morning I apparently won what appears to be what they call a gum boil of some sort over one of my upper eye teeth. Some
    Message 1 of 3 , May 4, 2004
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      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "gmw"
      <raging.calvinist@v...> wrote:
      > Ding ding ding! You (and BD) got it!
      > I haven't figured out what you guys win yet.
      Well, unless I'm mistaken, this morning I apparently won what appears
      to be what they call a "gum boil" of some sort over one of my upper
      eye teeth. Some prize. It is going down, but chances are, it's one of
      those "you really need to see a dentist for that" type situations, in
      case it's an infection of some sort.
      "Dentist." That's french for "operator of a torture chamber" I think.
      Not sure what it is, but usually the dentist will give me something
      like a tissue to hold and fuss with, and before the dentist even gets
      my mouth open it's often already torn to shreds in my nervous hands.
      And that's happened when I was in for nothing but a cleaning. I don't
      know what it is, but I've never really got over the thing between me
      and dentists. Now I know, the dentist isn't really sadistic and is
      actually a friend to my health. If you're envisioning the guy you
      might see walking out with an assistant holding their one hand while
      they are holding a smiley balloon in the other hand with tears
      running down their face and people staring and laughing at them,
      that's not quite me, but not necessarily always that far off. I don't
      know what it is, but I recall no pleasant trip to the dentist - even
      when just for a cleaning and when I got a clean bill of health. So
      any trip to a dentist does not make me feel very happy. In addition,
      because I accidentally mistook the deadline for health insurance
      applications last year at work, I have no insurance, so if it should
      end up being anything big like a root canal or some other delicious
      torture, it's all out of pocket. I can't sign up again until sometime
      I think in August. Lastly, if anything should happen where I lose the
      tooth (we're talking dentist here, of course I'm going to envision
      worse case scenarios), it ain't one of those back ones where it
      wouldn't be too conspicuous if it were missing.
      The last dentist I had was pretty nice and very reasonably priced,
      and I had some of my more tolerable moments there, but he retired his
      practice. So I guess I should probably look for somewhere to go
      before work today, at least to see if they can figure out what's up.
      (Nervous sigh...)
    • gmw
      So you re saying you ll be celebrating Restoration Day by going to the dentist to be subjected to torture. I think that s somehow strangely appropriate.
      Message 2 of 3 , May 4, 2004
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        So you're saying you'll be celebrating Restoration Day by going to
        the dentist to be subjected to torture. I think that's somehow
        strangely appropriate.

        Here's how some Covenanters celebrated the day, but publishing a
        testimony at Rutherglen, May 29th 1679:

        AS the Lord hath been pleased to keep & preserve His Interest in this
        Land, by the Testimonies of some faithful witnesses from the
        beginning: So in our day, some have not been wanting, who through
        greatest hazards have added their Testimonies to these who have gone
        before them, by suffering death, banishment, torturings,
        forfaultries, Imprisonments, & what not, from a perfidious & cruel
        Adversary to the Church & Kingdome of our Lord Jesus Christ in the
        Land. Therefore, we owning the same Interest of Christ, according to
        the word of the Lord, & the National & solemn League & Covenant,
        Desire to add our Testimony to the Testimonies of the worthies that
        have gone before us (though we be unworthy, yet hoping as true
        members of the Church of Christ in Scotland) And that against all
        things done prejudicial to this Interest, from the beginning of the
        work of Reformation, Especially from the year 1648 to 1660. And more
        Particularly from the said year 1660. & downwards, against the Acts
        following: As, Against the Act of Supremacy; The Declaration, whereby
        our Covenants were condemned; The Act for eversion of the established
        Government of the Church & for establishing of Abjured Prelacy; The
        Act Rescissory of all Acts of Parliaments & Assemblies, for
        establishing the Government of the Church according to the word; The
        Act of Glasgow, putting the same in execution, whereby at one time
        were violently cast out above three hundred Ministers, without any
        Legal Procedure; Likewise The Act for appointing an holy Anniversary
        day, to be kept every 29th of May, for giving thanks for the setting
        up an usurped power, destroying the Interest of Christ in the Land:
        whereby the Creature is set up to be worshipped in the room of our
        great Redeemer, And a power is assumed which is proper to the Lord
        only; For the appointing of ordinances in his Church, as particularly
        the Government thereof & the keeping of holy days, belongeth to no
        Prince, Prelate, nor person on earth, but only to our Lord Redeemer.
        And further, we give our Testimony against all sinful & unlawful
        Acts, emitted & executed, published & prosecuted by them, against our
        Covenanted Reformation. And for Confirmation of this our Testimony,
        We do here this day, being the 29 of May 1679. publickly & most
        justly burn the foresaid Acts, at this Cross of Rutherglen, being the
        Chief Burgh of the Nether ward of Clidsdale; As they perfidiously &
        blasphemously have burnt our holy Covenants, through several Cities
        of these Covenanted Kingdoms. We hope none will take exceptions at
        our not subscribing this our Testimony, being so solemnly given: for
        we are ready to do it if necessary, And to enlarge it with all our
        faithful suffering brethren in the Land.

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