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9907Re: A Scottish-Presbyterian review of "The Passion" film

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  • Karsten Nordmo
    Apr 1, 2004
      "The Passion of the Christ" [film] cleared away a lot of
      > the debri=> s > and helped me to think about Jesus and to love him
      > more. How can that be > wrong? 
      > >


      I wasn't able to locate the article I was thinking of or maybe it was
      in another piece.

      I would like to throw this out, though. How is the above quote any
      different from icon worship ? Really. I can't believe the reaction to
      this film ("historically and scripturally accurate" being the
      oft-repeated phrase, when it's not) and the setting aside of the
      Second Commandment and the means of worship from most in the Reformed
      community, it seems.

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