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  • Edgar A. Ibarra Jr.
    Feb 14, 2004

      I would suggest looking at this web site for contact:

      At the present there isn't any Covenanter Seminary. But, you can
      read the original writings of the Covenanters, which is in many ways
      of higher quality than what you will learn in any Seminary today, by
      reading the free stuff on www.Covenanter.org and buying books on
      www.swrb.com. Today's "Reformed" and "Presbyterian" churches have
      grossly departed from the doctrines and teachings of the original
      Westminster Standards (the PCA and the OPC have adopted the 1782
      version of the Westminster Confession which is more in line with U.S.
      pluralism & tolerationism) and the ways of the old
      Presbyterians/Covenanters. Knox, Melville, Rutherford, Gillespie
      would call the modern Presbyterian churches back-slidden and having
      departed from the Word of God. The only group of Christians that
      continue to uphold the original standard and to walk in the path of
      the Presbyterians of old, striving to remain faithful to the good old
      path and that has Church officers is the Reformed Presbytery of North
      America. The web site is the first one listed. You may also check
      out our other one: http://www.albanycrpc.org/.

      I do hope this helps you. You may always contact me off-site if
      you wish or an Elder or the pastor.

      Yours in Christ,

      Edgar Ibarra

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Daniel MacLeod"
      <macleodforever@y...> wrote:
      > Any suggestions for a church near Charlotte, North Carolina? I'm
      > attending an ARP right now but would like to find Psalm-singing.
      > also interested in the nearest seminary to me (of your
      > Thanks
      > Dan MacLeod
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