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  • Jason Robert Schuiling
    Jan 31, 2004
      Already through the second week of the third term of school, and am
      only now finding the time and convenienve of getting online. I see
      y'all have been talking about me and Riponite distinctives while I
      was away. I am pleased to find that you have met Troy (whom I only
      met for the first time this past month while home on break).
      In other news, for all of my freinds and aquaintances, besides being
      able to enjoy the greatness of a variety of Ah-mond products and
      baked goods while home on break and having the pleasure of meeting
      Mr. Yoppini, I also had the delight of proposing and becoming
      engaged to my lovely, now fiance, Elizabeth on the first of this year
      (see profile). Thank you all who have been and continue to be
      praying for us. Please feel free to give me a call some time, I
      would really enjoy it (if you lost my #, e-mail me ;) )

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