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9552Re: Lawfulness of theater (The Act, Declaration & Testimony in error?)

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  • puritanone
    Jan 2, 2004
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      You raise some good questions. Some of these are addressed at the
      Movie Review Section of Puritan News Weekly at:


      Let me **briefly** give my views on them below:

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, thebishopsdoom
      > 1. Acting is in itself intrinsically and formally an act of devil
      > worship


      > 2. All things originating from influence or ideas of pagans /
      > heretics are inherently formally and always pagan / heretical


      > 3. Acting is not formally devil worship, but is inherently sinful


      > 4. Acting is not pagan per se, but doing it or viewing it for
      > entertainment is inherently pagan

      It is sinful to be a stage-actor ("hypocrite"), and thus it is sinful
      to be entertained by stage-actors.

      > If you agree with any of the propositions 1-4, it would probably be
      > helpful to clarify how you would define the term "acting" and
      > or how you distinguish it from children playing house or with toys,
      > police / military / emergency training scenarios, or historical re-
      > enactments for educational purposes.

      I do not think it is wholesome for children to play "cops and
      robbers" or "Roundheads versus Cavaliers", because someone has to
      imitate the wicked, which is not good.

      With regards to some other things you mention, there is a clear
      distinction between practicing something (e.g., in emergency fire
      drills) and stage-acting. Practicing a skill is not only acceptable,
      it is prudent.

      - Parnell McCarter
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