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9367Re: Frequency of Communion Questions

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  • gmw
    Dec 1 7:32 AM
      Just thought I'd add this from our doctrinal standards (Directory for
      Public Worship):

      "THE communion, or supper of the Lord, is frequently to be celebrated;
      but how often, may be considered and determined by the ministers, and
      other church-governors of each congregation, as they shall find most
      convenient for the comfort and edification of the people committed to
      their charge."

      And this from the First Book of Discipline:

      "Four times in the year we think sufficient to the administration of
      the Lord's Table, which we desire to be distinct, that the
      superstition of times may be avoided so far as may be....We think
      therefore most expedient, that the first Sunday of March be appointed
      for one [time]; the first Sunday of June for another; the first Sunday
      of September for the third; and the first Sunday of December for the
      fourth. We do not deny but that any several church, for reasonable
      causes, may change the time, and may minister ofter; but we study to
      suppress superstition."

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