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9365Re: Frequency of Communion Questions

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  • gmw
    Dec 1, 2003
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      I don't know if I'll be able to sufficiently answer your questions,
      but I'll take a shot.

      > Question:

      > - Why does the WCF use the term "frequent"? Is this based mainly on
      > practical, political, or Scriptural considerations?

      I think the Convession uses the term frequent to distinguish it's use
      from Baptism which is but once and not to be repeated. The Lord's
      Supper, however, is to be repeated. I see you live in West Virginia,
      which isn't quite as North East as I am. But suppose I would say that
      where I live, we have "frequent snowstorms," or that California has
      "frequent earthquakes" or that I "frequent a restaurant"... this
      "frequency" is not exactly defined, is it? What it means is more than
      once, or relatively often. Now, I lean towards the IDEAL of weekly
      communion, however, I also know that it may be impractical and even
      detrimental in some (most?) congregations. Let me give you an
      example: Suppose there is a congregation where the majority of the
      congregation has not even learned the Small Catechism, what benefit is
      it to them if we should feed them the Lord's Supper weekly? Does this
      not qualify as "ignorant," which our Standards (according to the
      Scriptures) state is a disqualification from the Lord's Supper? I
      think that frequency needs to be balanced with the Minister's duty to
      guard the Table, and if the two can be balanced, then I have no
      problem with weekly communion. Off the top of my head, I recall
      Calvin arguing for very frequent (weekly?) communion, though he
      conceded to practicing it 4 times yearly due to various circumstances.

      I've not spent a whole lot of time studying this, so I would
      appreciate the thoughts of others as well.

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